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Mini update

Well I've been sort of MIA because we've been so busy lately, but I figured I should update. Last week I had my first u/s and it went well. At 5 weeks 2 days we saw the gestational sac, yolk sac, and fetal pole which we were pretty happy with. I've been feeling worse and worse since right before the 6 week mark so I think things are probably still on track. I go Tuesday for the hb u/s which I'm already terrible nervous about. I haven't been quite as nauseated yesterday and today so far as I was in the days before that. I'm still gagging a lot though and at pretty much anything. I'm hoping I've just been lucky to have a few more bearable days and that it doesn't mean anything bad.

We also had to say goodbye to our oldest fur baby last night, our cat Annie. She went into kidney and liver failure what seemed like out of nowhere and there was nothing we could do so we had to put her to sleep. It about killed us, and we just hope that everything goes well with baby bean because I don't think we can take anymore grief at the moment.

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Just wanted to say Hi leah! Got back into my old acct!!
So sad about your kitty cat!!! Sad Can't wait for your U/S!!!

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Sorry to hear about your cat. Sad But YAY for an upcoming u/s!! KUP! Smile

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Sorry about your kitty Sad

Sounds perfect for a 5 week ultrasound. My nausea has been coming and going too - I was told it's normal. It scares me every time though. Good luck with your ultrasound on Tuesday!

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Sorry to hear about your cat Sad

But, good luck with your u/s today - thats very exciting!

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good luck with your u/s today! So sorry about your furbaby-so hard losing a pet Sad