My birth story--long!

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My birth story--long!

I was scheduled to be induced Wednesday March 12th at 41+3 days. I had really been hoping to avoid the induction so we were walking, yoga ball bouncing, scrubbing floors on hands and knees to try and get baby encouraged to come along. My mother-in-law flew in on Saturday the 8th and we hung out for the weekend. Went on a walk Sunday afternoon, again Sunday evening and by Monday morning I was having some bloody show and period-like cramps. I went and walked up to the school to get the kids in the afternoon with my mother-in-law?a mile each way. Then in the evening after the kids went to bed dh and I walked again. The cramps continued all through the day. This last walk was much more difficult than the others had been. I went to bed about midnight and the 2yo woke me up crying at about 2:30. He needed a quick snuggle and a rock in the rocking chair to settle back down, which has been a rare occurrence recently as he has been sleeping well.

I laid back down by 3 and noticed I was contracting a bit. By 3:15 I began to time the on my phone app I grabbed a few weeks back. They were pretty regular at between 3-4 minutes apart and lasting anywhere from 30 seconds to a minute. But they were not painful so I wasn?t sure if this was really it. So I decided it was probably a good time to pack my hospital bag LOL. That day had been laundry day so my jeans I wanted were in the dryer. I pulled out the whole load and figured I may as well fold it and put it away while I was at it. I stood in the living room and folded laundry, hitting start and stop on my app for each contraction. They got a little stronger. I put away all the laundry and packed my bag. They started to space out a little so I decided to lay back down.
I laid down in bed and breathed through some contractions and kept track on my phone. Finally they were more painful so that I couldn?t lay down anymore. I got up and decided to make school lunches for the kids. It was about 5am. After the lunches were packed, I decided that it was time to get dh up. The contractions were consistently at 3 minutes, for about a minute long and getting pretty painful. I figured I still had hours to go though. So at about 6:10 I woke him up and said it was time to go to the hospital, that I had been up for a little while with contractions. He said great, let me just write some emails to work really fast to let them know I won?t be coming in. I informed him that he didn?t have time for emails, we needed to go NOW. He got dressed, we woke up MIL and told her we were leaving, and he got everything put in the car. All that took 30 minutes.
At this point the contractions were 2-2.5 min apart and lasting a minute and pretty painful. I could barely walk down the stairs and out to the car. We decided to call ahead to the hospital on our way there so they could prep a room. On the 20 minute drive, the contractions were very painful while in a sitting position in the car and spaced at 1:30 seconds apart, lasting for 1:10! I was only having a 20-30 second break between. And we were hitting morning traffic. We parked in the drop off zone and walked in the hospital doors at 7am. A labor and delivery nurse from church was just walking into her shift as we walked in the door. She grabbed me a wheelchair and got me in and checked in while dh parked the car. The contractions were right on top of each other. Dh rushed in and tried to get the camera out and set up as fast as possible. The nurse from church asked if I was comfortable with her as my nurse and I told her it was fine. She did a great job coaching me through. They had me get on the bed for a quick check and found I was at ?7-8, maybe 9?can?t tell because there?s the bulging bag right there? was what she said. I told them I couldn?t lay down, I had to stand up. I stood up next to the bed and rocked my hips through the contractions and breathed deeply. My water broke as I stood there and then things got intense. I was ready to push. They were trying to get the doctor in as fast as possible, but it was also shift change for the on-call doctors (my doctor was called, but I knew she would not be delivering because she has not been cleared for deliveries yet since her recent rotator cuff surgery). The doctor came in and I laid down to push. They had not had much time to monitor the baby but she seemed to be handling everything well.

With each contraction I was able to push harder and finally baby?s head was delivered. The cord was very tight around her neck twice, and then her shoulder got stuck. She was stuck for a push or 2 and then she was out. They hurried to cut the cord because she was very blue and limp. They put her on my chest but she as not moving or breathing so they took her right away to work on her. They called the NICU team and gave her oxygen and breathed for her for a few minutes. I cried and worried at that moment so much?dh and I and the nurse from church all worried because of the friend we had at church who just lost her baby during childbirth a month previous. I kept asking ?Is she ok? Is she alive??. No one could tell me anything. It seemed like eternity but in reality she only didn?t breathe for less than 2 minutes and then she gave a little squeak and began to breathe. They worked some more on her and got her really good and breathing and finally crying. Her one minute apgar was 2 but her 5 minute apgar was 8?so she recovered really fast. The doctors determined she would not need to go to the NICU. She was stunned from a fast delivery and needed encouragement to breathe.

We named her Charlotte Marie. She is my biggest baby at 8lb 9 oz. She was 20.5? long and born at 7:30am, just 30 minutes after walking in the hospital doors, just over 4 hours of labor. My fastest labor?and my only un-medicated, natural birth! And it was not nearly as bad as I thought it would be! I had hoped to try for a natural birth this time around, but didn?t know if I could do it. I had decided that if I could get to the hospital at 7 cm above, I would try it. I wouldn?t have had time for an epidural or any other pain meds to kick in if I had wanted them anyways! Despite being my biggest baby, I had NO tears at all and required no stitches! Which is a wonderful feeling this time around! The only thing that really hurts is my abdomen?I guess 5 babies and your body doesn?t hold in everything as well anymore. It feels much better now that I have been wearing a belly band to hold it all in tighter.

We came home from the hospital the next night and the kids are loving their little sister! She nurses like a champ and has gained 2 oz above her discharge weight as of our 3 day check at the hospital yesterday. She is also a super mellow baby and hardly ever cries or fusses?unless she has a burp that?s stuck or you get her naked! Wink

A few pictures:

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:lurk:What a doll ! Congrats Holly ! So sorry about the traumatic birth. I'm so glad she is o.k. Hope your recovery is going well. Enjoy those sweet newborn snuggles. Smile

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*Lurker from April14*

Congrats!! I choked up and almost cried reading about the baby not breathing and the cord wrapped around her neck. It is my worst fear. I can't imagine the horror of actually going through that. But thank God everything is okay. She sound like a beautiful, strong, healthy girl and that is wonderful news!! Congratulations and take it easy while you recover and get to know your new little one. *HUGS*

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Congratulations!!! She is adorable! So sorry for the traumatic birth experience - that sounds beyond scary and I am so happy things turned out well. Hope you are recovering quickly.