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Need ideas!

I need ideas on how to announce the new baby to the kids. We plan to tell them when I am about 16 weeks along, so in about 3 weeks we will tell them. But how?? I have 4 kids--the baby won't know any difference, he is only 19 months Smile But ds1 is 9.5, dd is almost 8 and ds2 is 5. I know they will be excited--in fact, literally the day or so after I got my + test, ds2 laid on my tummy and said "when are you going to have a baby in your tummy again?" LOL I think I posted about kid's sixth sense when he did that.

Anyways...I would love to do something cute but have NO idea.

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wrap up presents of baby stuff for them to open (if you think they would not get upset at not getting a present for them). big brother shirt for the baby as he is the only one who is not a "big"

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I am a big blabber mouth. We told DS1 right away, he felt really special that he was the only one who knew. A few hours later we told Ds2 and 3. Smile I wish I had done something fancy to announce it. But ehhh...I'll do something fancy for the gender reveal. Smile

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You could bake a cake with something on it like baby # 5 coming in march, or put a tshirt on the youngest that says big brother in training if you think they'd get that. We haven't told the kids yet either. We are thinking of when to do it. We were thinking if we waited until 16 wks we could just go to the u/s place w/o telling them why we were driving there (the nearest 3d clinic is 3 hrs away though) but I don't know if we can keep it a secret for another month. I'm definitely showing since my body was growing for two for two months. So I'm not sure what we'll do.

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Tiffany-that sounds fun! I am showing a bit too--I should take a belly pic. But I'm hiding it with baggy clothes so I could make it 2 more weeks to 16 weeks, but we still won't know gender for another month after that. And I don't think I can last 6 more weeks without everyone already able to tell. And I don't want my kids finding out from other people that we are having another--that would be heartbreaking! We think we'll wait until after school has been in for a week or so, maybe wait until after my 16 week visit on the 16th and then tell them. Still haven't decided on how yet though. The shirt and cake ideas are cute. We did a cake with blue filling inside to announce that #4 was a boy--I figured if DD cried that she didn't get a sister, then at least she could have a piece of cake Wink