Nuchal scan

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Nuchal scan

Is this just standard now? I know it is a nice time to see my little one, but when I made my appointment yesterday they talked about it like it was just something they always do. I thought it was just an early indicator for down syndrome??

We do NOT have great insurance this go around--we somehow enrolled in the wrong plan when dh changed jobs in march and cannot switch until around march or april next year (which is too late for baby). So I want to avoid extra costs. Especially because we have to pay a 5,000 family deductible (no individual) before they pay a cent (plus the premium we pay--so stupid!).

So do I really need to take this test? I know I wouldn't terminate the pg anyways and wouldn't they find any of that stuff out at the 20 week u/s anyways?

The nurse is going to call me back in the next day or 2 to discuss declining the nuchal screening.

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Sorry to hear your insurance option isn't good right now, hopefully you can get that fixed next year. I think it is standard that they offer NT screen to all women now regardless of age or risk category, but that doesn't mean you have to have it. I think many people do it now because it gives them an extra opportunity to see the baby before the anatomy scan (aside from the screen for trisomy markers). But you should be able decline it. If you do want the screen but are worried about the cost, you could check if they reduce the price for out of pocket costs. I know some lab tests at my clinic can be provided at reduced cost (about 20%) if you are paying out of pocket but I'm not sure about ultrasounds.

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I haven't even heard of that scan before. and wow that really sucks about your insurance. Sad Personally, I would decline it.

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It's not standard here but we are a smaller city in iowa lol. They just do the blood draw here. However if you are AMA you can request to be sent to the uni for one where they do do them. I'm 36 so I asked about going but my MW is trying to talk me out of it. She thinks that I'll just worry if something is looking not so good or ambiguous and they won't be able to tell much til an 18 wk appt when they can see the heart, brain, etc better. My insurance will cover it fully. I'm inclined to agree I would worry if they said we need to look further to be sure things are fine. And I won't get CVS or an amnio and won't consider termination no matter what. But I would like to see the baby at 13 wks. And if tthey say things look wonderful I'd be really happy. So I'm not sure what to do either.