Oh the nausea...

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Oh the nausea...

With my first 3 babies I never really had much nausea at all! With my #4 and with the miscarriage I had just before him I had nausea pretty bad sometimes--I even threw up several times, which I never did with any of my others. This time is looking to be just about the same :/ I know I can't complain too badly since I haven't even puked yet and others have it so much worse off, but this all day nausea is killing me! It really starts about 11am and goes until about 8 pm and I just feel useless that entire time. I have my sister in law here visiting and its all I can do to keep it together--we haven't told a soul yet and won't until I have my first appt and heartbeat at 12 weeks (which I still need to make the appointment...)

Ugh...there's my complaint of the day. Wink

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I hear ya. I don't remember having this nausea with DS. If I don't snack every hour or two then my empty stomach gets super queasy. So I find that snacking helps...so far. haha

Hang in there!

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I hope it eases up for you soon. Smile With DS1 I had 3 days of sickness..lol so odd. DS2 4 WEEKS of sickness, DS3 no sickness at all, and so far no sickness yet with #4.

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Can you take phernergan or zofran? It helped me a lot with my first pregnancy. I don't know about zofran but phenergan comes in a gel form now so you can put it on your wrists and rub it in and it works fast without the sleepy side effects that the pill will give you. Also it's a big plus if you're too sick to keep a pill down or if it makes you sick to swallow one. Hope you feel better soon. Nausea like that is just miserable!

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hi there...having the same nausea for all four preg, and the fifth one coming. Lost one before this. Pray to God for us to hang in there...and hope in second tri it will begone!