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Saying Hello!

Finally getting around to joining a birth board. I'm expecting my third March 18 or around there. I have two beautiful boys, ages 5 and 3, both who were born at 34 weeks. Pretty sure this one will come early as well, making me actually due more likely in early February. We hope and pray we can make it to at least Feb anyway. I have a great fetal-maternal specialist I'm working with this time and we have a good plan in place to get me as far as possible, including weekly 17-P progesterone injections again and cervical length ultrasounds starting in the second tri when I start having problems typically. I usually start having bouts of real contractions at around 24 weeks and go on bedrest at that time.

One thing very different about this pregnancy is that I have had the WORST morning sickness for the last two weeks! It has been downright miserable. I never had any morning sickness with my boys, so this is brand new experience for me. I finally asked my doc for some Zofran today, so hopefully that will give me some relief. I haven't been able to eat much of anything.

A little about myself, I am a research scientist at Vanderbilt. My husband is an IT guy. We moved to Nashville last year and love it. I'm originally from Louisville, Ky, but lived in Galveston, TX for 7 years working on my Ph.D. Married to my highschool sweetheart for 8.5 years. Our oldest, Isaac started Kindergarten this year and our youngest, Luke just started 2-day Pre-K. Can't believe how fast they grow! Looking forward to getting to know you all!

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What a beautiful family! Congratulations and welcome to the March 2014 board!

Sorry to hear about all the sickness! I had it from 6-8 weeks. It was mostly smells. Every thing smelled and made me nauseous. Now I'm mostly just tired and hungry a lot LOL. Hopefully it eases up for you as well soon. Smile

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Welcome to the board!! Sorry to hear about your m/s I'm suffering from it too. I'm able to eat while taking phenergen at least. I often regret eating for hours after I do it though. It'll pass I keep telling myself! Love your family pic so cute!

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YAY!!!!! I'm so sorry you feel so awful Julie:(( maybe you have a little girl in there. Hang in there.

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Welcome! Sorry to hear about feeling nauseated, I feel your pain! I am on diclectin (canada) and it has made it more bearable but it's still bad enough to really spoil your mood! I hope it subsides in the next week or two for you...

Also sorry to hear about your preterm deliveries. That must be so difficult and scary! My DS was just a little bit early but had to be in the NICU and holy cow I was terrified. And I imagine bedrest with two boys around is not easy either. Hope that this one stays in a little longer - sounds like you have a great plan in place!

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Congratulations Julie!! Sorry to hear you are having morning sickness trouble...I've been miserable with it each time so I feel your pain. I hope this baby surprises you and stays in there until closer to your due date. Smile

I was surprised when you mentioned your location b/c I'm only about 1.5 to 2 hrs from there but didn't remember you being so close. But I then read that you moved there that explains it. Wink

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Welcome and congratulations! I'm hoping for a lot of us morning sickness is going to be on it's way out soon. Mine was much worse with this pregnancy too and for a few weeks there I thought I was going to die because I couldn't do ANYTHING. It's subsiding though now unless I eat too much which I discovered is just not good. Lol. Hopefully you'll be feeling better soon though and can enjoy your pregnancy more! Smile