Symptom Spotting?

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Symptom Spotting?

Got any symptoms? Do you obsess over every little thing Wink Wanna share?

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I am only 3 DPO but since O day I have been really crampy? I try not to obsess but its coming up to a yr of ttc and I am getting anxious to have a healthy sticky bean!

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It's been over a year here so I can't be bothered with symptoms anymore, they either pan out to be not pregnant or a chemical pregnancy. I was super tired last night, my boobs do feel a bit sore when I squeeze them and I cried over pretty much nothing yesterday. Watch me get a BFN next week

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Oh hun I'm so sorry... I've been wondering how you were. I'm sorry you haven't had any luck yet!!

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My boobs are hurting already. My ticker says I'm 3dpo but I'm pretty sure I'm that matters lol. I'm sure it's just from progesterone, but yes I tend to analyze ever little symptom. I'm having some cramping too and I keep thinking maybe implantation but again probably too early for that too. Lol. I guess we'll see next week.