Team Green anyone...?

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Team Green anyone...?

My husband and I have decided to be team green again this time. We were with DS and it was awesome and very precious when my husband announced: "It's a boy" after he was born.
It will be hard to wait but I think we can do it! Anyone else??

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Oh I am SUCH an impatient person. Hubby and I have discussed waiting, but I would be in SUCH suspense if I didn't know. I would go crazy. lol. A few weeks ago I already scheduled our gender u/s. Sept 21st. I'll be 15 weeks...I could have done it at 14 weeks but wanted to wait one more week, closer to my birthday...a bday gift for myself. Smile

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Nope no waiting here! I'm dying to know and dh is as well and will go at 16 wks to find out. We did do the surprise thing for our first three though we really didnt want to lol but my OB office didnt used to tell you bc of their policies (they will give u a guess now) and we didnt have any 3d places nearby. So we had no choice and while it was neat for dh to announce its a girl/boy I prefer knowing ahead of time as does he. Now we have a 3d place about 3 hrs away so we just go there with all the kids and my mom and make a whole day of it!