Tomorrow is the day!

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Tomorrow is the day!

I have my first OB visit tomorrow morning, at 12w2d according to LMP. They will do a dating u/s, all the normal exam stuff and my blood work. It is the worst day for dh to take time off work to go--meetings back to back all day for a project due Wed--but he pushed things around and I called the office today to ask if we can get the u/s done first so he can go with me and then scoot out the door. I have a history of m/c and have had 2 m/c that I went in for a 12 week appt and the baby had stopped growing at 8 weeks although I had no signs of m/c. And one of those m/c we had had a healthy bean at 7 weeks so dh didn't come with me for that 12 week appointment and when she couldn't find the hb on doppler and switched to u/s and we found a too small bean with no h/b, I was there alone without dh. So I am anxious for the appt (my other 2 m/c were both early at 6/7 weeks and I just started the m/c on my own before having had any appts). So, yeah, just super nervous.

Wish us luck! I'm leaving my kids with a neighbor, who I had to tell about the pg since I was leaving all the kids--she promised to keep it hushed because right now only 5 people know besides us--dh's parents, his sister and bil, and the neighbor who is my friend as well. It will be nice to not have to be so quiet about it all, though we are still not going to go public with it all yet.

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Sorry to hear about your losses. Sad I hope that everything will be ok with this baby. hugs! Keep us posted!

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GOOD LUCK!!! I think everything will be great Smile Can't wait to hear and see some pics!

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Good luck!