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Thread: U/S update!

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    Default U/S update!

    Well there were two babies. However only one had a hb and measured right on with my dates, it was even moving . The other twin did make it farther than they thought since we couldn't see anything 3 wks ago at 6 wks. It measured 7w6d and I could tell right away it didnt have a hb and was a little smaller. I didn't like the tech we had she was new and very close mouthed but I finally spoke up and said that baby doesn't have a hb does it and she said "I don't see one ur dr will talk to you" that was it for talking during the u/s we saw on our own the other babies hb, movement, etc . The other two techs tell you what they see and then say the dr has the final word on this. They think they were from two different eggs (fraternal) and that the one egg was never great quality from the start. I'm worried the loss of one might affect the other baby but they've reassured me this happens all the time with twins and it should just reabsorb into my body with no issues. I've not had any spotting knock on wood and I'm praying hard things stay healthy in there for the baby! Im sad that I had yet another loss this makes 5 lost babies for me now. It would have been much easier on us if the baby hasn't developed at all, we both got really excited when we saw two babies. I'll admit it would have been tough on us financially and physically to have twins and I have no idea where we would have put the extra stuff twins require. Still it would have been neat. I'm just going to keep praying that this baby continues to grow and be strong!! I go back in 2wks for blood work and my routine appt and after that I'll be going every 4 wks like normal.

    Oh and here are pics! I asked for one of both babies. The first pic is the healthy twin measuring 9w1d. The 2nd is the one that didnt make it measuring 7w6d.

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    Important so happy to hear that twin A is doing so well Im sorry that you didnt get better news about baby b. I just wonder how right they are? I mean they counted it out all together before, but then it proved them wrong.Praying that love and peqce finds you, and know that god has baby b in his heart, and what is meant to be will be <3
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    Oh lousy. I'm so sorry for the bad news. It's sad.
    I'm very happy to hear that twin A is doing so well though!! And that the other loss will probably have no affect on twin A. And how exciting to see moving

    Big hugs honey!
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    Great news baby a is nice and healthy! I'm sorry to hear that baby b didn't make it. You are going to have an even bigger family in heaven, Tiff! Those 5 little ones are all waiting for you in heaven. Keep growing baby a!!
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    I'm glad to hear that baby A is doing well! So sorry about Baby B but your family has another Angel looking out for you all! (((HUGS)))
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    Glad to hear about baby A but so sorry for your loss of baby B. Hope all goes well and no impacts.
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    Glad that baby A is doing well. So very sorry about baby b. hugs!
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    I just realized I hadn't posted on yours yet! So happy there's one happy healthy and active baby in there, but sad about the other sweetie. I do think you'll be just fine though and that in a few months we'll both have healthy babes in our arms!
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    Glad baby A is doing so well Tiff!!!! So sorry about baby B (((HUGS)))

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