Ugh, why are names so hard!

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Ugh, why are names so hard!

We are still struggling so much on a name for baby girl! And time is ticking shorter and shorter! I am at 33 weeks today, so I still have a few, plus she could be late.

Here is what we have on our list so far....


Middle names--no clue. Maybe we would choose 2 from the list and do first/middle. Or we have thought of Luzell for a middle name. Luzell was my grandmother's name and my mom's middle name (after her mom of course).

I've been using Nymbler with my kids' names and seeing what it suggests and just creating a list from that. Any thoughts on these names?

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We are having a hard time with names too. Still haven't picked one at all, not even close. I find boy names so tough!

I personally love Hazel :), and I'm a big fan of using family names. That's what we would have done if we were having a girl. I don't like any of the boy names in my family though so that's not happening.

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That's how we were on boy names--lots of boy family names to choose from that were good, girls were not so much. Luzell is the only one we would consider and not even as a first, just a middle. Other family names were Maude, Nelly, Dorothy--none of which we would use! But our boy names were all Joseph, James, Thomas (all of which we have used) and a variation of Wesley by doing Weston. But the girl ones were all not happening for us!

And yes, still struggling.

Do you have a list of names? We have our list, but keep still keep looking as well.

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Ivy is such a pretty name.

Good luck!