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Hi ladies! I'm around, wrapping up my first trimester and hopefully the end of this morning sickness. Sea bands have been my life saver! Seriously, if you are having a tough time with sickness but don't want to take medicine, check them out. They took the edge off I the evenings when the sickness was the worse and they took it totally away during the day. We go back to the doctor next week, the 20th, for an ultrasound and blood work-- I will be a day shy of 12 weeks. I am hoping I'm offered the new blood test that will accurately give us the gender now-- I think it's called the MaterniTY 21 blood test. Anywho, I am looking forward to the ultrasound bc the baby will actually look like a baby. I got a box FULL of beautiful maternity clothes from my dear friend-- what a blessing! With all my babies, I've never really had nice maternity clothes. Anywho, looking forward to cooler weather and feeling this little one growing inside me start moving soon. I hope you are all well! Will update after ultrasound next Tuesday. Smile

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Glad all is well! There are a lot of appointments coming up on Tuesday! I go for my first appt on Tuesday where I'll have a dating u/s and bloodwork and all the first appt stuff too Smile I will be 12 w 2 days according to LMP. Biggrin It should be an exciting day on this board!

I got a box full of mat clothes with my 3rd and it was wonderful! I still have most of them and it is so nice to have something to wear! So nice of your friend to pass them along!

ETA I was looking at your ticker and looks like we have similar families--3 boys and a girl and expecting #5 Smile

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I'll be sure to check back on Tuesday Smile So glad to hear all is well.

I tried seabands and have been wearing them for about 2 weeks now, but they don't seem to work for me unfortunately. I am sure glad they work for you though!

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Thanks for the update! WOW I had no idea there was a gender determination blood test! Interesting! Smile

Sorry about all the sickness but glad the seabands are working for you. That's awesome your friend gave you some maternity clothes. Smile I still have a couple from my last baby but I am giving myself another excuse to go shopping to get more LOL

and YAY for being in the 2nd trimester! :party:

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Funny I have my u/s and next appt Tuesday too! Hopefully its a great day for u/s!!