A year and a half!!!!

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A year and a half!!!!

AND I FINALLY GOT MY BFP!!!! BABY #4!!!!!!!!!! SO EXCITED! This time around we are keeping it a secret! Just for kicks and giggles! LOL! I did tell my sister though.

EDD is March 15. My DS1's EDD! (He was born March 10th 2009)

We have been trying so long I figured it was going to be another BFN. Every month I think I am pregnant and i'm not. So this time I really assumed I wasn't, but I am!! Hubby looked at the test and smiled and I said yeah right! but nope! 2 strong lines! Woo Hoo!!!! Smile

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ACK!! Yay! Congrats!!!

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Yay!!! Congrats! March 15th is my BDay. Biggrin

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Yay! Congratulations! My EDD is March 17th. Smile

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AWESOME!! Smile Congrats hun!

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