10 Sentences Monday (April 25)

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10 Sentences Monday (April 25)

I hope everyone had a great Easter weekend! :animalbunny2:

1. Aside from a rainy Saturday morning, DH, DS and I had a wonderful 4-day weekend.
2. For Earth Day, we went to a nature trail and fed the squirrels and chickadees.
3. On Saturday, we took Cole to see "Hop" (as promised for a rainy day) and then we had birthday dinner & cake at my parents' place (for my 42nd).
4. Yesterday, we started the day with a fun Easter Egg Hunt in our backyard and then we spent most of the day outside playing with Cole.
5. Today, we went to the Agricultural Museum to see the baby animals.
6. Cole has been insisting - on and off - that we call him by his given name.
7. It's odd calling him "Nicholas", but luckily he doesn't catch us most of the time.
8. We're having challenges at dinner time trying to get Cole to eat properly.
9. Today he had 2 time outs because he was fussing over a glass of juice, so eventually he had to settle for water.
10. I'm so proud of Cole that he can now recite the alphabet in French, count to ten and remember at least 20 words.

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1. We had a really nice Easter.
2. We had 11 people come over to eat and have an egg hunt.
3. I'm looking forward to this weekend, as it is the only weekend until DH leaves for training that we don't have anything planned.
4. Hadley b-day party is in 2 weeks.
5. I'm not ready at all as I have nothing planned.
6. I'm just hopping for nice weather so we can have the party outside.
7. Sunday and yesterday were the first nice days we've really had.
8. It rained today, so it didn't last long.
9. I'm planning another baby shower as well for the end of May.
10. The theme is Chocolate Extravaganza.

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1. Must.stop.eating.chocolate.
2. We had a fun Easter.
3. We had some friends over for an egg hunt/tea and Harris scoped out all the eggs beforehand.
4. Harris was awesome at gymnastics last week.
5. He was the only one doing the circuit and did it all by himself with no prompting.
6. He also was able to do a somersault on the beam!
7. I must get planning his party.
8. With Easter so late I've let it slide.
9. He knows he's getting a train cake again.
10. I have to find my number cookie cutters too and dig out the 3.

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Melissa - That is the coolest baby shower theme EVER!

1. I have 7.5 days of school and work left this semester.
2. I can't wait for the hardest semester of my life to be over!
3. We're going to go to Mexico for the weekend in May to celebrate!
4. I am so enjoying John's talking lately, it is hilarious to hear him figure out how to put sentences together.
5. His birthday party is this weekend, we will be having 10 family members over.
6. It will be a pirate party, we are all really excited!
7. I can't believe he is almost three.
8. The summer is going to be great.
9. I am doing another show June-August, but only 6 shows a week and no other work so it will be much easier!
10. Also looking forward to TTC this summer!

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"SunDevil28" wrote:

Melissa - That is the coolest baby shower theme EVER!

10. Also looking forward to TTC this summer!

I love to bake, so I thought what better than a bunch of super indulgent, rich chocolate desserts.

Have fun with that Smile