10 Sentences Monday (April 4)

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10 Sentences Monday (April 4)

1. We've started putting Cole to bed with a diaper over his underwear.
2. He had one wet night, but that's probably because 90% of his intake during that day was liquid.
3. Cole got a lot of use out of his new swingset this weekend because the weather was amazing!
4. I thought having a park close by was good enough, but having the swingset allows Cole to be outside for hours, and DH and I can still get stuff done in the house.
5. I made hotel reservations for our vacation next month.
6. Sesame Place, here we come!
7. I think a few days away from work with some giant Muppets will do me some good.
8. I reserved at a place with an indoor pool, so I'm already looking forward to a bit of swimming with Cole since I don't get the chance to swim with him anymore.
9. I have to get off my butt this week and go back to yoga.
10. I'm not a big yoga fan, but I need the exercise.

P.S. 11. We took Cole to get his passport photo taken and, for such an expressive kid, he did amazingly well at the completely neutral look. Smile

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1. The weather here is still terrible.
2. We are having another snow storm right now.
3. I am having an Easter lunch/egg hunt at my house.
4. At the moment, we will have to hunt for the eggs in the house or in the snow.
5. April and May are going to be so busy.
6. My SIL and her 3 sons are coming next week and staying for a week.
7. Then it's Easter, Hadley's b-day party, her actual b-day, hosting another baby shower, and DH leaves for training.
8. I'm looking forward to the summer just to have a little down time.
9. Malia is sleeping terribly.
10. Sorry if all of these thoughts were very disjointed, but as I said I'm not getting much sleep because of Malia.

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1. It's my last skating competition of the season this weekend.
2. Harris and I are driving to it with my parents on Friday and then DH will join us on Saturday.
3. We really don't have to be there until Saturday but the hotel has a pool and Harris has been mentioning EVERY day about swimming at the hotel pool.
4. We also have to take a picnic to eat on the way because his master has requested one.
5. Since the weather has been getting nicer it's impossible to get Harris in the house when we get home from places,
6. He'll sit on the porch and wave and say hi to everyone that passes by,
7. If they don't say hi back then he gets upset.
8. It's soon forgotten once a new person walks by.
9. People are going to start avoiding our house I think.
10. I really hope the winter is over, it's supposed to be warm on the weekend but lately when we've had a warm couple of days we are treated to a dusting of snow.