Birthday Plans

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Birthday Plans

The May Honeybees' third birthdays are coming up in just over a month, and since Melissa brought it up, I was just wondering what everyone's decided for their LO's birthday party?

I asked Cole what theme he wanted this year, and he said "Cars", so that's decided. I know we won't have any trouble finding decorations and loot bag stuff with that theme, but I'll need to figure out how I'm going to make the cake.

MIL's 80th birthday is on the same day as Cole's 3rd birthday, so we'll be heading out of town on that weekend. We'll probably push his birthday party to sometime in June so we have warmer weather. We're planning to be out of town the week after Cole's birthday for a long-needed vacation, so he'll actually have a bit of a "birthday week" since our vacation will be catering to him: Sesame Place, Please Touch Museum, Crayola Museum... or whatever else we can find within a 2 hr radius of Sesame Place.

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First one- Crawfish Boil in Louisiana- no theme, it's my family and we'll have a 3 cake

Second one- Hot dogs/Hamburgers at the base park (so beautiful!) with a dinosaur theme and cupcakes- kids here in Biloxi/Ocean Springs

We'll probably take him bowling on his birthday

Third one- Somewhere in Atlanta (probably Stone Mountain) with the inlaws and probably a cookie cake

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We're doing a pirate party. He saw a huge pirate cake at the store and decided that's the theme he wanted.

So I'm ordering the big cake, ordering a variety of pirate plates etc. We're just having family, so just 2 other kids. For favors, for my nephew I'm getting a pirate hat and hook and a pirate coloring book, and for my niece I'm getting a pirate purse and Dora coloring book.

Funny thing, our 12-year-old niece in Milwaukee whose birthday was 3/21, is having a pirate party on the same day at the same time!

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I'm pretty sure we are doing a dinosaur train (dinosaur) themed party on May 7. Her b-day isn't until the 17th, but there is so much going on that we are going to have to do it early. It will be kids from play group and her music class.

On her b-day, we will just have a little celebration with the four of us. DH leaves for his training on May 25, so the weekend before we will probably go to Parc Safari to celebrate her b-day and as a send off for Dad.

Now I'm just trying to figure out what to get her.