Birthday presents!

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Birthday presents!

3rd birthdays are coming up for our not-so-little Honeybees. What is your LO getting for his/her birthday?

We are trying to keep John's presents to movies, books and clothes since we know he will be getting SO many big toys from family. So he's getting:

Incredibles DVD
The Knight and the Dragon (book)
Danny and the Dinosaur (book)
The Three Little Javelinas (book)
Knight helmet for dress-up
Pirate water bottle
Little pirate figurines
Pirate shirt (to wear to his pirate birthday party)
Toy microphone so he can pretend to be Sid the Science Kid. Smile

What are your kiddos into lately?

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Noahs party is today, can't wait! We are saving his presents until his birthday though, we got him a t-ball stand and a glove to take to his first MLB game we are going to later this summer. We tried not to over do it because our house is over flowing with toys and the family will bring him more today! Can't wait to see pictures from everyones parties Smile

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I feel like we've already gone overboard on Cole's birthday presents. Today we got him a t-ball set, but we're going to start using it right away. (We also bought one for his friend who'll be 3 on May 1st.) For Cole, so far we have:

- 2 bridges for his Imaginarium train set
- a prince puppet
- a knight puzzle
- a set of 3 wooden cars that you can take apart to mix & match

We're also planning to get him:
- more small track pieces to add to his train set
- a dragon puppet
- a camera (we don't want to spend too much, but Cole could use a fairly decent digital camera)

DH and I have had plans to build Cole a puppet theatre, but I think I'll have to go and get the wood myself since DH doesn't ever remember anything.

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We try to just get the kids 1 gift for their birthdays. Jacob will get a bicycle and helmet for his birthday. I "think" my parents are getting him a big wooden play set for the backyard.
We are having a construction theme party though- but he has every construction truck ever!

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I have yet to actually get her anything yet, but I am planning on getting her an easel, Tag Reader and sandbox. She'll probably also get a few books, art supplies, etc. There are so many things that I know she would love, but I'm trying not to go crazy buying her things. We already have way to many toys.

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We're getting Garrett a bike and I bought a basketball hoop on a great sale.