Dance class

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Dance class

Since a few have mentioned "firsts", I'll throw in one of Cole's firsts. Last Saturday, he had his very first dance class - and his very first class without either me or DH with him.

I'm glad to report that there are 3 other boys in the class, so there's hope that they'll all learn to enjoy the class as much as the girls without feeling out of place. Of course, the first class was not great. I tried not to peek in, but when I finally did, ALL the boys were just sitting on the floor while all the girls in their pink leotards were following instructions. (There was one little girl in a black bodysuit who was bawling her eyes out and was eventually taken out by her parents.) I backed away when a few little signals just prompted Cole to shake his head in misery, but then DH peeked in and the next thing I knew, he was holding Cole who was crying. I wasn't going to step into the studio, but I went in with Cole and finally got him to do what the girls were doing, but he wouldn't join the circle. One little boy got up and started hopping around, but the other two just sat by the wall - one trying to hide and the other one crying the whole time for his mommy.

Hopefully this week will go better. Cole also has his first swimming lesson without me this Sunday. Fingers crossed that all will go well, but I expect it will take at least 3 lessons before Cole is comfortable enough to participate...

Here's a picture of him just after we bought his dance outfit. By the way, I couldn't take a photo of him before his first class because he wouldn't stop dancing in the waiting room!

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Cute. I hope he enjoys his next class. It often takes a bit before they feel totally comfortable I find. Hope he does well at his swimming class. Harris starts his alone in a couple of weeks...eek.

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I'm sorry the first class didn't go so well, but I'm sure he will love it in no time. Hadley went through a crazy independent streak this summer and doesn't care now if we leave her. It's great, but it still makes me miss my little baby who always wanted to be by my side.

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Sorry the first class didn't go so well. His pic is really cute though!

I know John is definitely taking a while to warm up to things too. His first two T-ball practices were kind of a disaster, but now we are in week 5 of T-ball and he is definitely enjoying it now! And paying attention...well paying MORE attention at least. Smile Hang in there, I'm sure he'll love it.