First dental appointment

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First dental appointment

Cole had his first dentist appointment yesterday! He's had a Cole since Wednesday and we had to wake him from a nap, so he was not thrilled about going, but we kept telling him how much fun it would be and that he'd get something from the treasure box. By the time we got to the office, he was calm and he enjoyed reading the books in the waiting room. My appointment was at the same time so when I went in, DH let Cole sit on his lap to watch the beginning of my appointment. The hygienist was really good about explaining what she was doing, so when Cole went in for his appointment, he acted like an old pro. He put on the protective glasses and opened his mouth when asked. He chose cookie dough flavored toothpaste and just enjoyed the whole experience.

Of course, I don't think swallowing the toothpaste went over so well with his stomach because he threw up about 30 minutes later, but we were still very proud of him.

In the spring, he'll have his first appointment with the eye doctor. I'm hoping we can arrange to have him watch someone else's appointment first so I'll need to check with my family since both DH and I just recently went for our check ups already.

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I am so glad it went so well for you...

we also did the same thing when Lilly went for the first time... I had my work done and when her and DH came back to get me he looked at her teeth... and the nice part was he did it in his little waiting room so she wasnt so scared... (it is out of his home)... she has gone back once when she fell and split the inside of her mouth... he wanted to make sure her teeth were ok...

I hope you find someone that he can watch for the eye Dr. since it worked so well for the dentist...

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I have an apt on July 28 that Hadley is going to come and watch. Then we are going to schedule an apt for her. She is really good about the doctor, and she loves brushing her teeth, so I don't think she will have a problem.

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John just had his first appointment last Thursday. He couldn't come to my appointment because it was during his naptime. I did ask the hygienist what to expect. Then we played dentist a few times at home and I think that helped. I also had the hygienist take a picture of me in the chair, and I showed him a picture of another 08 honeybee at her dentist appt that was posted on FB.

He did a great job. She gave him an orange toothbrush first, and he let her scrape his teeth, polish them, do a fluoride treatment, and let the dentist do a full exam. He was really great. And he got to pick a treasure out of the treasure chest which I actually didn't know about.

So it went well!