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What is your Honeybee (and siblings) going to be for Halloween?

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John's going to be a pirate. It was either that or a superhero, but his love of pirates won out. Smile

He's wearing this one: http://www.halloweencostume.com/seven-seas-toddler-pirate-costume.html

Except that he's going to wear the black pirate hat he already has. First, because it's from Disneyland and says "Captain Johnny" on it. Second, because the hat that came with the costume is all mashed up from being in the bag. Smile

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Lilly is going to be a pink super girl... that is all she has talked about being since she saw it in a magazine I had gotten...

as for my little one Cora she will be a fairy...

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Hadley and Malia are both being clowns. We've already went trick or treating once and they looked so cute. Looking forward to seeing pictures of everyone after Halloween.