Luca Robert is here!!

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Luca Robert is here!!

Hey girls... I just wanted to pop in and say that our baby boy Luca was born September 7 and is as healthy as can be! He came out peeing so the concern of whether or not there was an abstruction went away immediately. They did an ultrasound the next day and found that his left kidney went back to normal, but there was still a little water in the right so we have been giving him antibiotics to prevent any infections. Our next ultrasound is on the 22nd, and if that shows all is well then we can stop with the antibiotics. His birth went really smoothly... I went in for an appointment the morning before and asked the doc to stretch my cervix and immediately after I started feeling contractions! He was born at 4:45am the next morning.

On another note, Alexa is doing well... she still has no hair... the regrowth that she had ended up all falling out again. She is doing really well with it, and it just may be becasue she doesn't really know what is going on yet. She starts a gymnastics class on Monday and starts playschool on Wednesday. Those are both drop-offs so it will be her first time alone in a class. I just hope that everything goes well there and that no kids make fun of her lack of hair. She doesn't care to wear hats... she prefers to go au naturel... which is perfectly fine with me, whatever makes her happy. Tiana is also doing well... she starts playschool on Wednesday as well... but I'll be joining her Smile I'm going to put a link up of my baby boy so you all can see...

I also added a little updated pic of my girls aswell! Thanks for reading!!

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Congrats! You have a beautiful family. Love all of the pictures. I hope Alexa does well with the drop off classes. I'm sure she will love them.

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Congratulations! So glad to hear that he is doing well and that there is no obstruction. KUP when he gets off of antibiotics.

Both your girls are beautiful. Congrats!

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Belated congratulations! (-:


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