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Whose LO is still taking naps? For those who are, what time and for how long do they nap?

Hadley is really starting to fight naps. If she doesn't nap though she is very fussy by bedtime. When she does nap, she doesn't fall asleep until anywhere from 10:00 to 12:00. I'm thinking about skipping naps and moving her bedtime up by 30-45 minutes. I was just wondering what everyone else is doing.

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Lilly isnt taking naps... she hasnt been for about 8 months...
but she is also a late sleeper... so she is asleep between 10-12 and doesnt wake till 7-10...

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Jason's bedtime is 8. He wakes up anywhere between 5:30 (work) and 7:00 (blessed days). He naps for anywhere between 2 (CDC wakes them up for snack) and 4 hours every day starting between 11 and 12.

He did skip his nap on Sunday though. It is the first time I remember him ever doing that and we put him to bed at 7:30 that night?

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Harris dropped his nap more or less at 2 and for awhile before that he'd skip naps many days. He has boundless amounts of energy it seems and really never seems tired throughout the day. DH has tried many times to get him to nap but he just won't. I think he takes after me in that department. I hate napping.

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Noah just started refusing his nap these past two days. He still goes in his room for "quiet time" and he goes to bed around 9 and gets up around 8. He is a little more cranky at night without a nap but does fall asleep faster. He recently gave up his paci and is potty trained during the day all in the last couple months and now is giving up naps! What in the world?!

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Cole can still always use a nap of about 90 minutes sometime around 2pm. He takes a nap at daycare simply because the other kids all nap, but my mom can't get him to nap when he's with her. He'll often fall asleep in the car on the way home (at about 4pm) and we let him nap for about an hour if that happens. When he's with me and DH for the entire day, we struggle to get him to nap, so we often just keep doing what we have to do and let him nap if he feels the need.

Whether Cole has a nap or not, we try to put him to bed at about 8pm, but he often doesn't fall asleep until after 9pm. He wakes up usually at about 6:30am. If he doesn't have a nap, we notice that he gets cranky.

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I guess I should consider myself lucky that she has napped for this long. I think we will give up the naps unless she asks to take one and just move her bedtime up a little bit.

Thanks for the responses Ladies.

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John still naps, usually 1.5-2 hours starting between 12-1pm. If we go later than that, he is overtired and doesn't nap. On the days he doesn't nap or only naps for an hour, he is reallllly cranky. He sleeps probably 11ish hours at night still, 7:30-6:30 usually.

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Jacob rarely naps although he does have quiet time every day - 30-45 minute when he is in his room playing quietly by himself or reading books.
I notice the days he does take a nap are school days- and anything more than an hour and he has a really hard time going to bed at night.
He sleeps from 8:30pm-7am give or take on either end