Poor Noah!

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Poor Noah!

Today is his third birthday and he is sick Sad I feel so bad for the little dude! His cousin has RSV and she was at his birthday party Saturday and he grandpa isn't feeling well so he must have picked something up from them. We had big plans for tonight, guess we are staying in! Still can't believe he is 3 though!

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I'm so sorry he is sick, but Happy Birthday Noah! I can't believe our LO's are already turning 3. I hope he feels better soon and you can go out and celebrate.

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That is sad that he is sick... Happy Birthday...

I cant believe in two weeks i will have a 3 year old and then less then a month later I will have a one year old... i am so sad... it kinda makes me want another but that is about 5 years down the road...

hope he feels better soon....

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Poor little guy! It is really sad. My nephew (also named Noah) had his b-day party all planned for an indoor amusement park here, and he got pneumonia and had to postpone. He turned 5 so he was old enough to be REALLY disappointed. I'm sure you and Noah are both disappointed that he is sick for his birthday. Are you doing a party at all?

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Feel better Noah- and HAPPY BIRTHDAY

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"SunDevil28" wrote:

Are you doing a party at all?

We had his party a week ago and I think that is where everybody got sick. My FIL was sick and then my neice had a cough which later we found out was RSV. DH took our kiddos to the doctors yesterday and Noah has a horrible ear infection which came from RSV or a bad cold and Anna possibly has RSV. But Noah seems to be doing better today after starting antibiotics he is playing with toys again woohoo now we just need to get him to eat again!