Spring 2011 Check-in

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Spring 2011 Check-in

I figured I'd better retire the Autumn 2010 check-in and start a new one! There aren't too many of us left, but perhaps there are some members who just pop in and don't say anything. Let us know if you're still out there. Smile

DH/SO Name:
May Honeybee's Name:
Honeybee's Siblings:

1. LO's favourite activities:
2. LO's favourite colour:
3. LO's favourite toy:
4. Challenges:
5. Recent milestones:
6. How do you spend your "me" time? (Or do you get any?)

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Name: Tanya
DH Name: Mark
May Honeybee's Name: Cole (He knows his given name is "Nicholas" though.)

1. LO's favourite activities: Being outside!
2. LO's favourite colour: Red (He's indicated that he wants a red GPS for himself.)
3. LO's favourite toy: Kitty (a small orange plush cat)
4. Challenges: Getting Cole to eat, and getting him to settle down for bedtime (especially when I'm around). He also cries a lot when things don't go his way.
5. Recent milestones: Cole can draw a smiley face. He can now recite the alphabet and count to 10 in French, and he recognizes about 20 words in French. Although he can't read, he can somehow figure out how any electronic device works - the DVD player, the computer, the camera, etc.
6. How do you spend your "me" time? (Or do you get any?) I've started making jewellery in the past few months. I don't get a lot of "me" time, but I enjoy this when I have some. I also get Wednesday evenings to go to band practice.

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Name: Alison
DH/SO Name: Ken
May Honeybee's Name: Harris
Honeybee's Siblings: None (although he said the other day he'd like 2 brothers....dream on kid) Smile

1. LO's favourite activities: Swimming gymnastics, singing, dancing, building towers, board games (my son is a gamer like his daddy)
2. LO's favourite colour: I'd say blue but since getting his Candyland game he seems to like red.
3. LO's favourite toy: His "New Bear". He loves his games and blocks
4. Challenges: Harris is a SUPER easy child. Potty training I'd say.
5. Recent milestones: He has a few books he can "read". He can also tell you how food enters his stomach. He'll tell you it goes down his esophagus (my mom taught him this)
6. How do you spend your "me" time? (Or do you get any?) Skating. I skate with a team once a week (it's over now but will be twice a week come the fall) and at least once a week with my old guy. So my "me" time is at night when I can slip out to the rink.

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Name: Melissa
DH/SO Name: Erik
May Honeybee's Name: Eva
Honeybee's Siblings: *None Yet* Due in October Smile

1. LO's favourite activities: Puzzles, Singing, Dancing, Playing outside
2. LO's favourite colour: Pink & Purple
3. LO's favourite toy: Her Purple Kitty Cat
4. Challenges: POTTY TRAINING!!!
5. Recent milestones: She knows where most of the letters are on a keyboard without really searching. She can finish 24 piece puzzles in about 4-5 min after seeing the finished product once
6. How do you spend your "me" time? (Or do you get any?) I take salsa dancing lessons twice a week and step in to teach lessons as needed. My DH is pretty hands on so luckily he doesn't mind giving me my "Me" time as I need it.

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Name: Melissa
DH/SO Name: Gideon
May Honeybee's Name: Hadley
Honeybee's Siblings: Malia (8 months)

1. LO's favourite activities: She loves anything artistic. She can color for hours and loves to paint and play with play doh.
2. LO's favourite colour: It changes pretty often, but she usually goes back to pink and purple. She is definitely a girly girl.
3. LO's favourite toy: Her coloring books and her train table
4. Challenges: The 3's are more trying than the 2's. She doesn't listen as well and throws terrible screaming temper tantrums. We are also having a lot of jealousy issues between Hadley and Malia.
5. Recent milestones: She is completely potty trained, even wearing underwear for sleeping. She can spell her name and she is learing to write her name and only needs help with the D and Y.
6. How do you spend your "me" time? (Or do you get any?) I try to run 4 days a week. It is usually in the evening after the girls have gone to bed. I don't always enjoy it while I'm running, but I always feel better afterwards.

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Name: Andi
DH/SO Name: Andy
May Honeybee's Name: John
Honeybee's Siblings: none yet

1. LO's favourite activities: He loves to play pretend. Only when he's tired of pretending to be a pirate or a prince or a superhero does he play with toys. He also likes to build things.
2. LO's favourite colour: Orange. He has loved all things orange for about a year!
3. LO's favourite toy: Dress-up stuff, play food and Legos.
4. Challenges: The Terrible Twos weren't too bad, but the Trying Threes are getting to us a bit. A few too many tantrums for our taste but we're dealing with it.
5. Recent milestones: None recently
6. How do you spend your "me" time? (Or do you get any?) I do get some, often I am working/singing but that is fun for me. Otherwise, just reading and watching TV. And internetting. Smile

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Name: Lisa
DH/SO Name: Clark
May Honeybee's Name: Garrett
Honeybee's Siblings: due July 10th

1. LO's favourite activities: playing ball-any kind, riding his tricycle, sidewalk chalk
2. LO's favourite colour: Green
3. LO's favourite toy: Any kind of ball, race cars
4. Challenges: He recently started saying "whatever", but overall he's really good
5. Recent milestones: He can find almost any key on the keyboard
6. How do you spend your "me" time? (Or do you get any?) I sing in a community choir every week and I did yoga for a while

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Name: Stephanie
DH/SO Name: Adam
May Honeybee's Name: Rachael
Honeybee's Siblings: Michael, 17 months old

1. LO's favourite activities: reading, watching Tangled, coloring, playing cars
2. LO's favourite colour: Yellow and purple
3. LO's favourite toy: cars, barn and animals
4. Challenges: Transitions. She has a hard time going from a preferred to a non preferred activity, and has huge meltdowns. Otherwise she really is a great kid, just with a few struggles.
5. Recent milestones: Knows the alphabet. Can count to 10. About to start potty training! Started full time school about a month ago.
6. How do you spend your "me" time? (Or do you get any?) I take a Zumba class every day M-F. It's the one hour I get everyday where I'm not thinking about autism.