Update on Lilly... update

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Update on Lilly... update

Well i just called and Lilly goes in on Aug. 17... that is a long long wait... but at least she has one now... Friday she goes for blood work...
My little one is getting so big these days...

she had her three year appointment today and we got her paper work done for school also...

it was not as much fun as it could have been...
we all had to get up early so both girls were not in a good mood.. and then we found out today that DD2 can not take milk just like DD1... so she is having nasty diapers and had a really bad rash...

well as for the Dr... Lilly is doing great... she is still limited on what she can do because of her legs... but we dont stop her from trying... she will be having testing done again to make sure her kidneys are working(she is still leaking pee after she goes potty and most of the time she has to go about 5-10 mins after she is done)
she is 40in tall...
she is 56lbs Sad that makes me so sad...

we are going to be calling the Endo. Monday to get her into see them and see what is going on with her weight...
I dont want her to be like me and be sad all her life because kids are mean... (and they are a lot meaner these days)

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Sending big hugs!


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KUP on what the Dr. says about Lilly. Sorry about Coraline's milk issues. Big hugs!

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Sending big hugs to you guys!

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Thinking of you all and sending lots of positive thoughts. KUP