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My bp was up at my appt. today...147/94....doc took it again and it was even higher. Had trace protein in urine too. Now I get to do 24hr urine catch and had buncha bloodwork done as well. I hate the urine jug, its so gross to keep in your fridge!!!

Other then that I gained 4lbs since Monday, but likely due to swelling bc I'm a fatty today from it. HB was great, measuring 33 wks which he said was fine, said my contractions were likely to continue to the end.

One really great thing he made my day about was how worried I was about delivering at the hospital so far away if I didn't make it to 37wks. He said at this point if I make it to 35wks then I can probably deliver at the hospital I had G at which is in the middle of the one closest to us and the big one up state far away. He said their nursery can do some oxygen and if for some reason that wasn't enough Em could be transferred after. This hospital is only like 40 min from my house so while it's not ideal, I wouldn't be that upset. It wouldn't be my docs that delivered me there tho because they don't have rights there, so likely a doc from my old practice with G that I left would be the delivering doc. Overall I'm still happier to deliver there if necessary then at the one so far away.

So overall appt was a mix of good and bad I feel like my body craps out at the end of pregnancy, drives me nuts!

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Sorry your BP is acting up!! Thankfully you'll be full term in just a couple of weeks so the end is in sight!! That's really cool you have a closer option once you hit 35 weeks. That's just a few days away according to your ticker. You can do it!!!! :kaos3:

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That's scary! Hoping the 24hr urine catch doesn't show anything more serious. Just a couple more weeks and you are considered full term, you can make it. Stay in baby Em!

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Thanks for the update. I've been thinking of you all day. YUCK, that urine thing does not sound like fun. Let us know what it shows and the restuls of the blood work. But YEAH for being able to deliver closer to home and being almost 35 weeks!

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How scary, Anne. I hope you get some good rest tonight. :bighug:

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So sorry about the BP! I hope Em (and your BP) will hold out until 37 weeks so you can deliver with your doctors at your local hospital!

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Sorry you have bp and preeclampsia worries now, Anne... :bighug: That really sucks... and like your bp is ever going to get a normal reading now that you're going to be worried every time it's measured! I'm glad they're doing the urine catch though, gross though it is... at least you and the dr. are on top of things and you'll know soon if something is going awry.

Come on Em.. you're in the home stretch.. just a couple weeks longer!!

Take it easy and KUP Anne!

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Thanks girls...believe it or not I have high hopes to see at least 37 wks. My doc isn't rash on things so I have a feeling I would be put in the hospital or something like that to hopefully contain things, but I'm thinking my labs will come back ok. I'm feeling awful, but I don't know that it's pre-e awful.

I believe!!! hahaha Smile :)

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Hang in there Mama, just a little while longer!