10 weeks also

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10 weeks also

I've been MIA due to REALLY bad MS and a lingering cold that DD caught as well. Yuck!

I'm ten weeks and just had to trade out my tranisition preggie pants! Sad I thought I would compare to last time....bad idea. I was wearing those in my 14 week belly photo. Yikes!
I had an OB appt this week. Lost 2 pounds from last time, probably due to MS. But since I"m chubby anyways that's ok with me!
Had a 9wk U/S that showed a strong HB (166) for my little peanut. It also showed a 2nd yolk sac (?) but it appears to be a vanishing twin @ 6wks or whatever they call that. Doc said that probably explains my bad MS. I was a little freaked out until I read about how common it is on the American Pregnancy Assoc.'s website. I really had no idea it happened as often as they show!
I have another US on 3/14 to do a genetic screening since I'm "advanced maternal age." Sheesh...I'm not 35 until the month I deliver. Blum 3 Oh well, at least I'll get to see the little peanut again.
Anyways, just thought I'd update for ya! Smile

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Yay for an extra u/s. We did the first trimester screening with Evan. Besides making me feel old, it was fun to get an peek at him!

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Yay for an ultrasound. I think my sister is 2 days further along than you, so I will enjoy your journey!

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Sorry about the m/s-- I know how much that sucks.

I'm sneaking this baby in about 8 weeks before my 35th Wink Though I'd likely decline all of the screenings anyways.

Don't fret about being bigger earlier. IME, I always end up the same size at the end anyways.

We need a picture!

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We need a belly pic!!!! Hope your MS eases up soon Sad

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I had my first baby one week after my 35th birthday.. I felt like an old crone then to have to go through the additional screenings. Then I had another 2 babies in the next 6 years... so old - whatevah! Wink

So excited for you and I'm so sorry you're having a hard go of it with the ms... just a few more weeks and it should pass.

Oh and I agree... WHERE"S THAT BELLY PIC??!!!! Wink

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Great to hear from you. Good luck with your next u/s. The new "studies" say that one our of 8 people actually started as a twin, but most people have the "vanishing twin syndrome" before they even know they are pregnant, let alone before they even have an u/s.

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Hope your morning sickness is subsiding. I think mine is a little. Maybe they can peek at the gender at your next U/S? Smile

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I agree - share a pic! Hope you are feeling better with the morning sickness!