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For you belly pic junkies. Smile

I'm still measuring 3 weeks "big" and have gained 22 lbs--lol. But here is my belly in all of its glory!

Baby boy seems happy in there-- he is a busy little fella!

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You are gorgeous, Audra! Pregnacy definitely becomes you!

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You look so great! I wish I looked that good NOT pregnant!

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Very adorable. Guess I need to post too.

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You look beautiful, Audra! I can't believe how soon this next round of new babies will be here!

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Cute baby, cute mama... cute cute double cute!! Keep up the great work there, mama! Smile

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You look fabulous! Have you guys decided on a name for that blue bundle?

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sooo cute! And girl where did those 22lbs go to?? You are so tiny!!

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Thanks, friends. You know how to make a girl feel good.

And Rachel- I assure you-- it went to my cheeks (both *** and face!) But I'm okay with it-- I always gain this much. Wink

Pass the cookies, please!

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One word... ADORABLE!!!!!

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You are so adorable, Audra! I can't tell you've gained 22 pounds AT ALL!! You do pregnancy VERY well Smile