28 wk appt, GD test, tucks XP

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28 wk appt, GD test, tucks XP

Had my OB appt today. I barely passed the 1 hour. woo hoo! Her cutoff is 140 and I was at 135. I was pretty darn happy I didn't have to take the 3hr! Both babies are well. Both are officially head down. She says our hospital sees about 2 twin vaginal births a year so the whole hospital will want to come watch if I go vaginal. LOL. Oh my.
If I do end up in a c-section, she is going to do a mini tuck since these are my last babies. Now I'm torn. I don't want the recovery, but I want the tuck. Plus, if I have a c-section I'm getting my tubes tied. I like the idea of getting to go vaginal cuz I think it would be a neat experience and easy recovery. I'm just going to let the babies decide. They have plenty of flipping time left. So who knows how it will end up?
My uterus was measuring 34 weeks. YIKES! Now I go every 2 weeks. Anyway, easy peasy appt.

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Congrats on passing the 1 hr glucose test! I had to do the 3 hr with Ev, not fun! Glad to hear the babies are doing well! You guys must be getting so excited! Smile

I have a similar dilemma with trying for VBAC or repeat csection. I have scar tissue from first csection which drives me nuts because it's very sensitive to touch, etc. My OB said if I have repeat csection they would be able to clean it out during that time. Otherwise it is considered cosmetic surgery and not covered by insurance. Right now I am leaning to towards trying for a VBAC. Like you said, the babies ultimately decide!

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YEAH for passing your 1hr test! Glad you all are doing well.

Oh, that's a tough one. I would LOVE to have a tummy tuck. And trust me, after twins you will REALLY want it. They refer to it as "twin skin". Plus the two you already had. But then vaginal is so amazing. I had mine vaginally with NO meds and everyone couldn't believe it. There was a pregnant nurse who was saying she wanted to labor like me. The ONLY noise I ever made was when Addison's head came out and it was more of a "UHHHHH" like "She's FINALLY out!" Other than that, I was joking with the doc and nurse between contractions. Is it kind of sad/sick that I would LOVE to go thru labor again?

DH still says that my belly button has an "awning" on it since the flabby skin hangs over! He's so sweet! Heck, even the girls think it's funny to play with it!

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Whoo hoo on passing the 1hr!! I can't believe you are already 28wks!!! I would do like you said as far as deciding on how the babies come. See how they are positioned as you get closer and go from there. Make a list of the pros and cons. I had 2 natural no epi births before I had Jake and was told I had to make the decision at 35wks whether to have another version (he was breech) and try to flip him or just opt for the csection (I myself wasnt comfortable with a breech delivery). I just cried bc I didn't want to make the decision, I had a version done with Drew and while it was sucessful, it was some of the WORST pain I have ever experienced and then thinking of a csection and recovery. I just prayed that God would make the decision for me......wouldn't you know 4days later I went into labor on my own (before my scheduled verison) and had no choice but to do the csection. I guess my whole point is try not to stress, sometimes the babies make the decison for you! OOOOO and we need a updated belly pic!