2nd clomid cycle update

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2nd clomid cycle update

Well, I went for my day 21 progesterone test yesterday. I sat around all day yesterday waiting for my doctor to call and of course he left a message this morning! Good news is that my progesterone level was a lot better than last time....8.3 compared to 0.9 last cycle. Bad news is they want to be at least 10. Once again, he sounded optimistic and said if I don't get pregnant this cycle that he would increase the dose to 150mg for the next cycle.

Even though it's not great news, it made me happy we are making some progress. At least it appears as if I did ovulate, so baby steps are good! Biggrin

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Great to have an encouraging doctor! Smile

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Glad you are making some progress!

Can you/are you taking progesterone? I have had to take it throughout the first trimester with both Mason and this baby.

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Kalee, no mention of progesterone yet. I wouldn't be surprised if it pops into my lfe at some point though. Biggrin

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I'm glad to hear that you are making progress in the right direction! Try to keep your spirits up and know that we are all thinking and praying for you!

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Yay yay yay for PROGRESS!!! SO excited to see if THIS is the month!!! Smile

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Glad to hear of the progress!! And yay for your doctor being so encouraging and supportive Smile

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So glad you are going in the right direction!!!! Hope you get pregnant

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Good progress and it sounds like you and your doc have an active plan. Yay! Continue to keep us posted. Rooting for you! :bighug:

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YAY!!!! So excited for you!!!!!!! You will be getting that BFP in no time!!!