2nd to last high risk appt!

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2nd to last high risk appt!

Today I had my 2nd to last high risk doc appt complete with another 3d ultrasound Smile For once we were able to get her whole face, although it wasn't a great pic still lol

The crazy news is that she has been measuring 1wk+ bigger each time I go and this time was no different! She was measuring 34wks 3 days (more then 2wks ahead) and over 5lbs! He gave me an adjusted due date of Aug 13th from Aug 30th but told me to discuss it with my ob and see what he wants to do. I'm guessing that he will keep it the same for now since I will have my repeat c-sec at least a wk before my due date anyways. Gracie was a few weeks early so I'm expecting the same from this 'little' girl Smile

My last appt with him is Aug. 5th so I'm interested to see where we will be at that point. I doubt they will worry much about her being a bigger baby since it is a repeat c-sec and not a vaginal delivery.

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Holy Cow, she's an over acheiver already Wink lol I can't believe you are getting so close, time is flying!! I can't wait to see pics of G holding Miss Emily!

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She's going to be a healthy girl Smile

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You are getting so close Annie! I am excited for you!

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WOW, how can you be that far along already? I can't wait to "meet" her!

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Yay Annie! I'm glad she is looking good in there.....

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You are so close, Anne! So exciting!

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It is getting close, and I don't know about you, but the closer I get the more nervous I get. I am just use to the way things are!

Glad that you had a good appointment, she is going to be a big girl! Very good!