3? Really? Already?

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3? Really? Already?

I can't believe it's really been three years! It's crazy to think it was that long ago I was sitting in L&D after my 3rd failed induction being prepped for a c-section. It really feels like yesterday. Ok, that's all I had to share. Smile

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Grady's birthday is today too!! I hear ya.. I've been thinking the same thing. So hard to believe.. yet at the same time it feels like forever ago that I was walking around with that huge belly with my crotch hurting with every step... so don't miss that part! Wink

Happy 3rd birthday to all our sweet babies... omg are they now PRESCHOOLERS??!!! :eek: :eek: :eek: !!!

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Happy Birthday little ones! Show us your recent photos!

Ivy Rayne - three on May 3rd

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Happy Birthday Babes!

I still can't believe it's been three years....sigh...makes me sad!

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I really can't believe our little May Ducklings are 3. How did the time go by so fast?

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I know!! Its so crazy!!! Emily turned 3 yesterday and I still remember being a week over due and waiting for the call to get induced!!! I just want them to be small again!!! Here is a picture of my sass from yesterday!!

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I swear I have the hardest time wrapping my head around them being 3.. I still catch myself referring to Em as 2..lol It doesn't seem possible.. Happy Birthday little ducklings!!!!