3rd Birthday Party Pics

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3rd Birthday Party Pics

Some pics from the girls Woodland Animals party. These are the same ones from FB. Its too hard to do much on the computer with only one hand right now.

It was a success and everyone had a blast. I did have birdhouses for the kids to paint but it was nice outside so they played outside instead and took the birdhouses home to paint later.

Happy Birthday Banner I made.

Goodie Bags

Had to have some Woodland Animal meat! DH wanted to hunt for some rabbit and squirel but never got the chance, so just venison had to do. DH arranged them to look like a "3"!

Toadstool tomatoes.

Kettle corn.

Hedgehog Watermelon.

Addison sneaking a "Bunny Bun"

Now both sneaking a few "Bunny Buns". Also modeling the outfits I made them!

Playing outside. The both freaked out when my nephew started to pull them before they were buckled in! Safety first!

Opening gifts.

They did everything BUT sit on the Toadstools we made them!

They really enjoy the sleeping bags!

They both ran into my lap when they saw the bikes. They were too excited and didn't know how to react!

Hedgehog cupcakes and rice crispie treats, and acorns.

It looks like someone is turning 33!



Brooke's photo pot for the photo trees.

Addison's photo pot for the photo trees.

Photo trees and arcorns, pinecones and nuts we collected for decoration.

Sorry for the long post!

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The pictures of them opening gifts, thats the gray I painted the livingroom. VERY pale and almost slightly blue.

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You did such a great job with the party! Love the outfits you made the girls!

I forgot when your surgery was, didn't realize you already had it. Hope you heal quickly!

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Wow!!! What a great party!!! Your girls are so cute!! Look at the hair on them. Those toadstool snacks look mighty delicious.

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My. God. Tara.

I am so not worthy!!!

Would you LOOK at all that crafty/homemade/decorated stuff!!! Incredible!!

My big plan for Grady's birthday is to take him horseback riding and make him the blue cake (yuck) that he's requesting!

That is an AMAZING party... and all that done with a bum wrist??!!

And you work?

Geez, I really gotta get me a life! Smile

PS those lil girls are just gorgeous, like their mama!

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Wow! You did awesome with their party! What a great theme and such beautiful girls! Glad I got to see the pictures!