6 week pp appt XP

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6 week pp appt XP

Has my visit and it went well. My incision has healed great. Can't believe that part of my life is all done. Now I am going to enjoy my 4 kids and all the milestones that come along each age. Here's my pp pic. I'm 5lbs away from my pre preggo weight. But I still need to lose 15lb after that. I'm ready to start exercising again!

From this:

To this:

My little nap partners:

How is everyone doing? Is anyone TTC or thinking about it? This board seems very quiet. Anyone believe that our little ones start pre K next year?

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Wowzers, you look amazing!!! Glad to hear you guys are doing well

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WOW, you look AMAZING!!! I really like your outfit in the second pic too. How is everyone adjusting? HOw are the twins doing? They are SO adorable! Heck, all 4 of them are!

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you look great!!!! Glad everything went well!!!

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You look awesome! Glad your appt went well! I love seeing all your pics of the kiddos on facebook!

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um how great do you look?!!! The twins are adorable!! No, I just can't believe our ducklings will be starting pre-k!!! Jake is super excited thou Wink

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So so so cute!!!! I love it.

You look AMAZING. Good work, mama!

Lexi started preschool 2 days/week from 9-1130a. She loves it. I think mostly bc she can now talk about "her school", just like the big kids talk about theirs....lol.

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Sounds like you are coping fine as well as looking FINE!

Ivy is like Lexi, loving 2 days per week of pre-school. Man, does she love talking!!!! Seems she already has a friend in her class named Hazel. (Poison Ivy & Witch Hazel?)

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Sounds like everything is going well. I can't believe that they are already 6 weeks! Forrest here just had his 4wk appointment, and thing are settling down. Leo is getting happier and more accustomed to not being the littlest one and is actually getting to be a bit helpful (though indignantly defiant at times). Ivy, too, is doing great.

Like Gardenbug says, she is doing a wed and fri nursery school for 1-3:30pm, and it totally wipes her out (as in she doesn't want to wake up for dinner).

On the way home she started chanting "armadillo, chimpanzee.... armadillo, chimpanzee..." And I thought it was pretty cool that she picked those two animals to be excited about and so brilliant that she was practising those names... Then we passed by some bushes and she said "potentilla fruiticosa - that's the ones with the yellow flowers". :jawdrop::jawdrop::jawdrop: Now was it DH or Gardenbug teaching her how to identify shrubby cinquefoil (a common decorative shrub), and it's latin name???

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Not me. I stuck to trees when I was there: Mountain Ash, Spruce, Aspen...
Nana Marie