Almost 14 weeks

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Almost 14 weeks

For Kirsten Smile

Here I am just shy of 14 weeks. Oy! With my first two babies I wore my regular jeans to the 20 wk. u/s. I'm bigger this go 'round than with Lexi.....

This was evening-- so my biggest. Seems I "bloat" thru the day.

I still haven't put on anything maternity-- but I need my belly band by mid-day.

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Oh my goodness... LOOK at that sweet little rounded belly!! Well actually... 'little' may not be the correct word here! Lol Amazing that you can show so much sooner with later pregnancies - like you, I wore my regular pants to 20 weeks with all 3 of mine... nothing like what you have there!! Hate to tell you, girlfriend, but you're gonna be H.U.G.E. at 40 weeks!!! Lol

(And you look gorgeous, as always...)

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Looking great, Audra!

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OMG you look SOOO amazing. It makes me want a baby belly again.

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You look awesome! You're so little and cute!

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Love this pic!! Makes me miss being pregnant.

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You look fabulous!!!