Another thing about Kaitlyn's appointment

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Another thing about Kaitlyn's appointment

Kaitlyn is not very talkative. She is BY FAR my slowest talker. Jackson said over 50 words by age 2 (and I know this because I was a FT Mom and I made a list for his baby book) and Cammi was talking in sentences by 2. I admit that Cammi is a chatterbox. Kaitlyn, on the other hand, understands everything you tell her to do and she follows directions. But, she only says about 10 words: Hi, bye bye, Momma, Dadda, Mimi, woof, more, roar, quack, blue juice (which is what she calls her rice milk cuz it comes in a blue carton. She is not allowed to drink juice cuz of her immature digestive system). . . . She doesn't put two words phrases together and that raised a red flag to the doctor. So, the doctor says that the county offers a free in home evaulation and we agreed to let someone from the county come to our home to evaluate her for speech delay. I am trying not to panic, I don't think there is anything wrong with her. But, I do think that there is a lot of benefit to early intervention if she is delayed. So, I will let them come. I think that she spends all day with her older sister and she lets Cammi talk for her. Cammi is always telling me "Mommy, Kaitlyn wants X". So, DH and I need to encourage Kaitlyn to speak for herself.

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Aw, it's hard not to panic. She's perfect! I bet it's more of an issue with the older ones talking for her. Keep us in the loop!

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One interesting aspect to this issue is that kids who are large for their age are expected to behave like older people. So if Kaitlyn looks like a 4 year old, then her behavior may seem to be lagging. If she resembled a one year old, then the questions might not arise.

I am in agreement with you about early intervention. So keep us posted and meet whatever arises with your usual wise conclusions and response. I think you are correct in encouraging Kaitlyn to speak up for herself. I think Cammi would help you with the challenge if it were explained to her.

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I was also one of those late talkers - and I had a sister who was exactly a year older than me (well, 364 days to be exact)... Wink who was talking everyone's ear off and doing the talking for both of us. I remember imperiously pointing at this and that, and my big sis saying "Kirsten wants xxxx". My mom went to a speech therapist (and this was in the 70's, when parents didn't worry as much as nowadays) when I was over 3 and still not saying much of anything. He said the same thing - don't let her older sister tell you what she wants. Make her say it. And lo and behold, I came out with complete sentences.. just like that.

So try not to worry too much, two is still really young. There is such a range - Grady is chatty, Mimi was in the middle, and Kieren had just a few words at this age that he used frequently... Oh, and I've also read that late speech is sometimes a sign of giftedness! Einstein apparently didn't speak much until he was 4, then started with full sentences... so maybe sweet Kaitlyn has a lot going on in there, mom! Smile

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Keep us posted. How long will it take for you to get an appointment? Michael doesn't talk as much as the other ducklings and he doesn't have an older sibling. :confused:

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HUGS! When is the in home visit? Let us know how it goes. And if the therapist gives you any advice, please share! Addison still doesn't really string two words together, the only time is if you ask her to say two words together, like "Night night Bridget" or "More please". Brooke is JUST starting to string two words together on her own, like "Blue car". Our doc didnt' seem too concerned about it. At daycare a few weeks ago they had a therapist come in and do a free screening on all of the kids (with parent's consent). I'm curious to see the results. They said Addison was the little performer and Brooke was shy, just the opposite of how they acted at there 2 yo checkup.

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HUGS Mama, I know you are worried. I think just like you said having an older sibling talking for them can play into it big time. Please keep us posted on what's going on.

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Well, I know that Sam is probably about at the same level talking wise as Kaitlyn and my doc didn't see a problem or need for intervention, but he can string 2-3 words together at a time but ONLY like 3 phrases! He can only say about 20 words, but can mimic any sound I make. I truly feel like he is okay, and doesn't need intervention, but I in a way felt like I would have been more a peace if my doc would have recommended it!? Does that make sense? I am glad for you that you are being proactive. Better safe than sorry, KWIM? Please please let me know how it goes! I would love to know what they do with her as far as any therapy! I'm sure it will go smoothly and your nerves about it will calm, Kaitlyn is lucky to have such a good mother!

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I'm sure she is ok. You are probably right about Cammi always speaking for her. Luke does that to Lily. It won't hurt to get an evaluation to give you a little peace of mind. Keep us posted!

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((HUGS)) Pammi. Lexi still isn't much of a talker. Once in a while she'll put two words together, but it is quite rare. Like Kaitlyn, she has siblings doing the talking for her, and she understands everything-- just doesn't say much.

I haven't taken her in for her 2 yr appointment yet-- but I'm honestly not at all worried and don't think you should be either. Maybe they are both geniuses?

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