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Baby Crazy

There I said it...everyone is having babies. They are all tiny, squishy, and adorable. I want one! But it's still going to be awhile yet before I can talk Wes into anything. My sister just found out they are having a girl...and I got to be at the ultrasound, love!

So can one of you please have one? That way I can look at cutey little baby?

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I'm with you, friend. I just got to hold a 6 day old baby boy. He was so so tiny. Only 6 lbs at birth....the kids went nuts over him and the talk since has been "can we have another baby?" *sigh*

I'm 75% sure that we are done. And most days I'm fine with that. Just not on the days I hold a 6 day old cutie baby boy.

Oh well!

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Still working on it here...aghhhhh! My friend just had her 2nd girl 2 weeks ago. They are coming over tomorrow, can't wait! She weighed 10 lbs...lucky for her it was a scheduled c-section.

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In about 3 months, you will get some squishy baby pics from me!

My c/s is scheduled for Sept 19, 7:30 am!

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Ach, I'm so there!! I know we're done for sure (dh had the big V last year... sniff...), but still, every time I see those tiny pudgy cheeks and wrinkled feet, it just starts tugging at my heart. It's really a good thing that I didn't start having babies until I was 34, or I'd have ended up like my grandmother with 12. Love 'em!

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Dear Daddy,

Remember when I was a baby? How sweet I was? And now look how sweet I am! My mom is ready to have another little one and I think it's a perfect idea! Don't you? Please? Pretty Please?

I love you,
Your adorable Kaylin

Um, yea, Rebecca - I think you should have another! Wink

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LOL Julie, that's a cute note! I think you should have Kaylin help you write a little note to her daddy!

I'm pretty sure we are done. Like 99% sure. Before the girls were born, when I held a baby I got that ache in my uterus, but the last two newborns I have held, while I LOVED holding them, I didn't get that urge to want my own. For now I'm good with just holding other people's babies. And stalking you ladies is a good way for me to relive it all!

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Still working on it here. Almost 8 months of TTC. It's going by fast! I'm on CD61. Lol! I need to see pics of the new Lily!!!

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Yes, I agree we need to see some pictures of Lily, the newest duckling sib!

Like Tara, I love babies and I love to cuddle with them. But, I am happy to return them to their mothers. My family is complete and I am content to watch my kids grow. In fact, I am having fun with my big kids. I wouldn't want to start all over again.

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Well in no more then 8wks at the most (But to be honest I'm estimating 6 Wink ) you will see one from me! I'm sooo ready to hold that baby, and I have no desire to be done after this one even as much as I hate being preggo Smile

I think we are gonna go for 3 or 4 and I'm thrilled lol I come from a large family and am ready for one of my own Smile I just hope this baby girl is as easy and G has been!