Back from my u/s!

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Back from my u/s!

Well, friends. All of our worry was for nothing :). I went back to the MW today and while I'm still measuring ahead (today only 23 cm :wink:), it seems to have slowed a bit.

We then went for our "big" ultrasound. We are relieved that there appears to be one, healthy baby in there.....

Can you tell what you are looking at?

We are having another baby......boy! We are all so excited (especially Miles and Trey!) All of the kids came with with us to the u/s and Miles couldn't quit grinning. He has been wishing for a brother. Tonight before bed he told me that his wish came true (and that he wants to name the baby Astro Boy.....hmmmmm)

All in all-- a great day. I'm looking forward to sleep tonight since I was up with wild dreams and nervousness last night!

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Congrats, Audra! That's awesome that your entire family was able to be with you!

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I've been checking all evening to find out. So excited for your new little boy! Sleep peacefully tonight, mama.

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Congratulations on another little boy! Hope you get some better sleep tonight!

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Congratulations on another boy!!!!! I am so glad that he is growing well and that you are all so excited! That's awesome that all the kids came along. How fun and exciting that must have been for everyone!

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YAY!!!! So excited for you girlie!! I had a feeling it was a boy, I'm so glad everything looks good and the baby is healthy!!

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YAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY for little boys!!! So happy for you, Miles and the whole darned bunch of you all!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I can't believe that you're already halfway done.. it goes SO fast when it's in somebody else's tummy!! Smile Looking forward to seeing your progress in the second half... congratulations again mama!!! ((hugs))

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Congrats on the new baby boy! Your son sounds like a totally sweetheart like mine.

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Congrats Audra!! I can't believe you know already, Def goes fast when its not me!!

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Congratulations, Audra!!! So glad all is well! Can't wait to meet Astro! Wink

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congrats on your baby boy!!!!!