Been a long time ...

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Been a long time ...

After a 3 year break of no posting, I figured I would pop my head in and say hello again.

My baby duckling Mina is now 3.... and she's a big girl!

Biggest news is that I am divorced. I remarried in May.

And the other day, got quite a surprise. I am in shock still.

But I wanted to share a recent photo of my big girl - and my big news.

I hope everyone is well. I can't even believe my sign in still worked LOL!

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Welcome back!!! Mina is such a little cutie!! and congrats on the BFP!!!!! When are you due?

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Welcome back!!!

Congrats on the bfp! And congrats on your new marriage!!

Mina is adorable!!!

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Thank you Smile My guess is due in April. Not sure yet. Looks like April 5 but a bit of a surprise ... we'll see if my math is correct in a few more weeks Smile

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So much packed into that three years...
Compliments on your happy little lady.
Big congratulations on your marriage and pregnancy.

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I follow you on facebook too! It has been a busy three years.

I saw the news you posted today. HUGS honey!