Benign Macrocephaly

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Benign Macrocephaly

What a month! Sweet Judd had to have a CT scan at Scottish Rite because his rear fontanel is still not closed, and should have been by 6 weeks, and his head circumference is in the 98%. Poor baby couldn't have anything to eat after 430 am on Friday morning. It was a rough go. Matt and I both took him, mom kept sam and we had someone watch the shop. My pedi told me that Judd would have to be sedated. When the nurse called me to confirm the apt she said they would try it w/o sedation FIRST. Well thank God my sweet baby boy laid as still as a cucumber. Just stared at the lit up wand they gave me to distract him!! After the scan I asked the tech if she could give me any results and she said "No, but If we saw something alarming, we wouldn't let you leave.". They were looking for hydrocephalus.

Long story short, Judd has benign macrocephaly. Basically it means he has a big head. It should resolve by the time he is three, but at 1 year we have to have another scan. He had extra fluid at the back of his head, but they say that is because his spine is not developed enough to drain the fluid off, so it builds up in the head. It is a scary situation to be in, but we are doing good. I don't like posting this kind of stuff on FB so I thought I would get support from you wonderful girls Smile

Here is sweet Juddy (that is what I call him)
Thank you for any word of advice or info or support you have!

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Wow sweetie I had no idea. Im glad everything went smoothly and that sweet boy is doing awesome.. Not knowing and the waiting game is so scary.. Sending you big hugs momma..

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Hugs, Mama! He is such a beautiful little man. I hope things get resolved soon. Thinking about you.

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He is so handsome!! I'm glad it will just work itself out and nothing invasive needs to be done. He is perfect!!!

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"Sweet Juddy" fits him perfectly! I will keep you all in my thoughts and prayers. HUGS momma!

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((hugs)) Jessi... that must have been SO scary! I'm so glad to hear that it's benign though, and will probably just resolve itself by the time he's 3. He sure is a little cutie, and I'm sure he needs that big head to hold all those brains! Smile

(My 3 babies all had heads in the upper 90%'s. But I have a huge head (can never find a hat that fits) and so did my dad, so they come by it honestly. Wink )

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So sorry you had to go through all that, but so glad to hear that it should work itself out and shouldn't require any major surgeries or anything! I can't imagine how scary it would be to have to go through all that stuff! He is such a beautiful boy!

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Oh, poor Judd and YOU! So sorry that you have to go through all of this - it's incredibly scary. Praying that the results continue to get better. He is sooooo cute!

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Jessi, I'm so sorry. My nerves would have been shot going through that process. I'm so glad things look relatively good. I hope you can hold on to the positive and not let the "what ifs" get to you while you wait for this to resolve. I know it's a scary place to be in, but it sounds like Judd will probably be just fine.

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He is so cute!!! What a doll baby.

What a stressful ordeal-- wow-- but I'm glad it is benign. KUP.

PS-- Like Kirsten, our kids have ridiculously large heads-- they get it from Trey. Wink

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I'm so sorry you've been so stressed about this hun. IDK if you remember, but when Jake was little they thought that his bones had fused together too quickly and they did an xray on his skull. Pedi had me worried sick for 2 months, turns out it was just a funky shape bc he was breech for so long. I was sick as a dog, thinking he was going to have to have surgery. Jake has a huge head too, 98%. I asked the pedi if we should be concerned, but she said "no considering I've seen Drew's head AND your DH's head, I think he just takes after his father!" LOL

I hope Judds stuff clears up hun, he is such a cutie!!