A broken bone....

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A broken bone....

For Lexi. Sad This actually happened on Valentine's Day-- I've just been slow at posting.

Lexi climbed up on our bar stools to help daddy make heart shaped pancakes for V-day. And then she fell off the stool onto our hard wood floor. She landed wrong. And broke her collar bone. Poor peanut!

Waiting in urgent care. Poor thing was miserable. I knew when we decided to take her in that she had broken her collar bone by the way she was protecting her shoulder/behaving.....

Of course this happens in the evening, and we had to drag all four kids to urgent care. This is what the others did while we waited. They were angels. Especially since it was Mosking on a school night. They had already had baths and had teeth brushed....ready for bed.

Thank goodness for technology. Taya and Miles were playing a game together on their DS's, Callie was watching a movie on the iPad, and Lexi was watching a movie on Trey's phone. Ahhh to live in 2012!

The break

And our peanut in a sling....

She has been a real trooper. The biggest issue has been sleeping-- she wakes when she tries to roll over and it hurts. Sad Pathetic. But that has gotten steadily better since Tuesday night. During the day she is fine and just protects her shoulder/arm...

Doc says she'll be totally healed in 3 weeks (thank goodness!)

Now each of our girls has broken a bone. Sad People are going to start to wonder what we do to these girls (Taya broke her elbow when she was 5, Callie her radius this past fall, and now Lexi. Gah!)

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Poor Lexi! I hope she heals quickly. Gotta love the pic of the kids with their gadgets..they make life so much easier sometimes!

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GUHH, the x-ray!! Poor little peanut! I'm glad she's been sleeping better the last night or so. Heal fast Lexi!! :bigarmhug:

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Poor little thing - I've heard a collarbone break HURTS!! ((BIG HUGS)) to sweet Lexi and to you and daddy too!

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Oh my! Poor Lexi! I hope she is feeling better soon. Another 2 weeks. She looks like one strong trooper!

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Poor honey Sad Do they put a cast on a collar bone or just the sling? That must BE so painful when she rolls on it during the night. They are all so adorable!

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Poor sweet girl!

At least she looks super cute sporting the sling though Wink

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Thanks, friends. She is getting better-- but still not healed. Most days she goes without the sling, but when we go out I insist she wear it (mostly so that other people don't pick her up-- that seems to hurt her a lot!) Sometimes she forgets and hurts herself trying to do something (climb out of the tub, or reach for something.)

She pretty much wakes up around 430a-5a each morning when her Advil wears off. So sad.....so then I move her to the Lazy Boy and she sleeps the rest of the night.

Tara-- they don't cast it or anything. I don't know if that is good or bad, but they just leave it to heal. Doc said that if she were older that they may do surgery to set it, but that since she is so young and the bones are so good at healing that it will be fine? Guess we will see.....