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Checking in

Long time, no post!

I read all the time, but have a lot of trouble logging into this site for some reason, so I don't get to post a lot.

Things here are going along pretty well. Morgan just turned 2 and is showing it. She is the most independent little thing I've ever met, but SO sweet. She is a polar opposite of her sister. She refuses to wear hair bows, but she has just now started to grow hair so it isn't a real issue.... except for me because I love little girls in bows and have quite the collection from her sister (who at 9 refuses to wear them).

Morgan's new trick is doing flips. She flips everywhere she goes. She has also learned that doing a flip is a great way to avoid getting caught when I am trying to pick her up. She has also learned to take her clothes off and does any time anywhere she gets a chance. I joke that we have a nudist on our hands here.

She practices potty training, but I have not been pushing it. I figure during the summer we will work on it harder.

She is still drinking a night-night bottle which annoys me, but I've also learned to shrug and say if she goes away to college with her "ba-ba" it will be a problem, until then it's just her comfort thing.

At her 2 year check she was 38.5 inches and 32lbs. Ironically she still wears A LOT of 18 month clothes even though by weight and height she should be out of them. She is very, very skinny, but very very firm. It's like she is a solid muscle. She is so strong and lifts things that freak me out.

Overall, she is an awesome kid. She is talking really well, our pediatrician said her verbal skills are at a 3 year olds range. She has been doing the "Your Baby Can Read" things (just for fun, not pushing it all) and is doing really well with it. She is going to do a 2 day a week half day pre-school in the fall and I am looking forward to having a little "me" time.

As far as another baby... that has been put off for at least another year because I am trying to get into a clinical trial for a new MS medication. It actually works out for us because by next year DH should have a new promotion and it will be financially better for us. It has still been hard to want another one and know that I can't right now. I guess I will live vicariously through you guys and all my IRL friends who are pregnant or just had babies. I do know that at this point it feels like someone is missing from our family.

OK, sorry for the novel. I will try to figure out what the heck is going on with the login here and get back to being active. If anyone who is not on my facebook wants in, just let me know and I'll PM you my info.

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Hey Emily! Great to hear from you! Sounds like Morgan is doing GREAT. Isn't it hard to believe that they are all two already? Where did the time go.

Good luck with the medical trial. I will be keeping my fingers crossed that you get into it!

I hope that your loggin problems get fixed soon, it's great seeing you on here again!

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Hi Emily,

Someone asked me to check your account for you. It appears that your homepage profile remains incomplete (from when it moved to universal login a few years back.) As a part of the upgraded security, without something within the required fields, it flags your account as incomplete.

If you will drop me a note at [email][/email] with the email address you want associated with your account, I can reset it for you and send you the instructions needed. It takes about a minute or so to complete. After that, you should not have further issues logging in.

If someone is on Em's facebook, you may want to pass this along.



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Hi Emily,

So great to hear from you again! I hope you get your login fixed so we can see you more often.. and I'd love to see a pic or two of miss Morgan! Smile She sounds like a real character...

Sending you all my t & P's that you get into the clinical trial... when will you find out? I know how hard it is to wait for another baby.. I waited 3 years for DH to agree to #3 - but it was worth the wait!! Smile

All the best!

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Good to see you, Emily! Sounds like Morgan is a peach! Cute! (Sometimes Michael lifts things and I think "how can he lift THAT?!")

Keep us posted on your medication trial. I have an aunt that has MS and is trying something new. I wonder if it's similar.

So glad to hear an update from you!