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Daycare Dropoff

We're having a time with Kaylin. Every SINGLE morning, she throws a tantrum when I try to drop her off at the sitter's house. Usually she is the first one there, which could be part of the problem at 7:40 but the sitter always has her favorite blanket and cartoon on until the other kids get there and then they paint/color and so on. But Kaylin just melts down, won't let me put her down...and kicks/wails when I leave. The sitter texts me shortly after and says, "Kay is just fine now". She does the same thing when I try to leave her with Wes, gives the pouty face and says "Ride in Mama's truck?"...makes me sad to have to hear it EVERY morning.

Please tell me someone else has this issue? Not that I'm happy you do but it'll make me feel a bit more normal Wink

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The girls go thru spirts like this too. HUGS It is HARD, but you're not alone. How long do you stay at the sitter's house when you drop her off? I know for a while I was staying too long, and that was making it worst. It's hard to make it short since I do put them on the potty before I leave since I know morning's are hectic at daycare with the kids getting dropped off and the teachers talking to the parents. One thing that sometimes helps the girls is that I let them take there bedtime stuffy in the car. Then I remind them that when I pick them up after nap they will get to get there stuffy back. That sometimes works, sometimes not.

HUGS I wish I had better advice. But you're not alone.

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I am the babysitter so not the one doing the dropping off, but there were stages when my nephew was like that when my sister dropped him off and on a VERY rare day he will still be upset when she drops him off. I agree that the dropoff should be very short. I think it's easier on them when it's quick than when they have time to get comfortable while Mommy is still there.

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I remember the boys doing this. It was like they would go through super clingy phases were they did NOT want me out of their sight. Leaving them was the hardest, but luckly it always seemed to not last very long!

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Reed and Ivy did that for a while, and I felt guilty as anything. It was once I realized it was a ploy that it stopped bothering me. How?

Well, I’d drop them off, close the front door, and by the time I go to the car, they were no longer crying (all 10 steps). I could hear through the open window!

And then when I go to pick them up, it was the opposite. If I snuck in the house, I could watch them playing happily with the other kids or by themselves, and then they would turn around and see me and just break down. If I didn’t sneak in and see them happy I would have thought they cried all day!

But then, last time she went to the dayhome, she didn’t want to come home! She wanted to keep drawing!

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Awwww! I know it's tough Momma. But, please don't think that you are breaking her heart by leaving. Try to think of it as her way of expressing her anxiety over the transition. It's hard for some small children to make transitions from Momma to daycare. After the transition is over, most children are happy at daycare. You are not scarring her for life, nor will she be in the therapist's office for years over this. Trust me, she won't be doing this in kindy.

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While I don't leave Cooper at a sitter's, he totally does this when I leave the house without him. Like in the morning if Colin is home I'll leave him when I take Sierra to school, and Cooper is on the other side of the door just wailing. Like sometimes I have to push him back through the door because he's so close behind me.

Although, yesterday I went to the parent appreciation tea at school, and I took Cooper to the babysitting room, and he made a beeline for the toys, didn't even look back at me. I was like, whatever, and I turned around and left lol.

I hope it doesn't last too much longer.

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Today was one of those days for Addison. I couldn't even put her down to take her sweatshirt off. I got her to play and put them on the potties, but as soon as I gave them hugs and kisses bye, it all started again. One of the teachers took her and she was still crying and calling for "Momma!" But by the time I hung there sweatshirts up in their cubbies outside the room, all of like 5 seconds, she was done! But man oh man is it hard to leave when they are calling your name.

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Jake has just started this, up until these past 2 weeks he has been completely fine whenever I leave him. Now when we drop him off at school before I even act like I'm going to leave, the lip is out and he's giving me the pouty face and crying for his Mama. It never lasts long and the teachers there in the mornings are his favorite, but it still makes my heart hurt.

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((HUGS)) That must be so hard.

Lexi sometimes says "wif mama" when I'm leaving in the morning and it breaks me heart, too.

I hope it gets easier.....