Decreasing sleep hours?

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Decreasing sleep hours?

I've been noticing over the past few weeks that Grady doesn't seem to be sleeping for as long as he used to - both for naps and for nighttime. Now he sleeps 1.5-2 hours for his nap (was 2-2.5), and about 10 hours overnight, often with a wakeup or two (which I don't go in for) with a bit of fussing, then back to sleep within 10 minutes or so.

What is total sleep time like for the rest of the ducklings?

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Mason's sleep hours are still about the same. He takes a 2-3 hour nap in the afternoon. And at night he goes down about 9-9:30 (but may babble to his stuffed animals for up to an hour before falling asleep) and gets up around 8:30-9 in the morning.

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We have given up on naps around here Sad

He wakes for the day usually around 8-8:15, and he goes to be usually around 9, it has been a little later lately due to baseball.

Sometimes he will fall asleep in the car on the way to or from school in the afternoon, but it's only about 10mins. or so and he's up again.

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G is still a hard core sleeper.

During the week she is in bed by 7pm and we wake her up at 11hours no wake ups. At daycare she naps 1.5 hours give or take.

On weekends she goes to bed 730-8pm (sometimes earlier) and sleeps till 830-930am no wake ups. We wake her up by 930 if she isn't up yet. Naps are usually from 1-4pm and we wake her up at 4pm.

I just know I'm not gonna get so lucky with this next one Sad

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"AK2663" wrote:

I just know I'm not gonna get so lucky with this next one Sad

I am afraid of the same thing because Mason has been an awesome sleeper! Sleeping through the night pretty much since we brought him home! We had to wake HIM for night feeds! So I am a bit nervous about how it's going to be with this one!

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Kaylin is finally starting to sleep all night, fingers crossed it continues, it'd be a nice change. Nap times are staying about the same, 2-3 hours.

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DH and I were just saying the other day how the girls are starting to sleep less. They still go down around 7:30, and during the week I wake them up around 6:30. They used to sleep until 7, maybe 7:30 on the weekends, but now they are waking up around 6:15 - 6:40. Just like during the week. There afternoon naps have gotten about 15-30 minutes shorter also. I am goign to really miss when the naps are done for good.

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M sleeps from about 8pm to 7:30am. He naps in the afternoon for about an hour and a half.

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Cate sleeps from about 7:30 to 7 overnight and sleeps for about 2 hours during naps. She has been fighting taking those naps lately though!

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YES! HERE! Sam still naps for about 2 hours a day.....but nighttime I THOUGHT he was trying to change is schedule by going down earlier....but what he did was he kept his 10 pm bedtime and started waking at 7:45 am. Oh well....I knew I was lucky for getting to sleep until 9ish. I'll go ahead and ease my way into the non-sleeping mode for baby number 2.