Did you watch?

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Did you watch?

Patrick Chan's gold medal win in Moscow? I loved it. Biggrin

The Royal Wedding
? I didn't watch but I saw a few photos. I particularly liked the little flower girls in the balcony scene: one was smiling at the bride & groom kissing and the other was grumpy and had her elbows on the railing and her hands holding her head up. I think it is hard learning to be constantly on display!

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This might be bad but, who's Patrick Chan?? I'm so out of the loop these days!!

Didn't watch the wedding on tv, but did put it on the computer in the evening.. I watched a bit, but the strange part is that Kieren and Mimi walked in, asked what I was watching, then sat down and stared raptly for the next 40 minutes, even after I walked away! They LOVED it!! Who knew?

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I caught a tiny bit of Patrick Chan on the news, looks like he did great!!

(He's a figure skater Kirsten Smile -Canadian figure skater)

I did not watch the royal wedding. I have zero interest in it.

After all these years I JUST found out the other day that William's last name is actually Wales!?! For so long I did not know that. I have never heard him referred to by his "real" name. It's always been Prince William, or William, Prince of Wales or whatever. I didn't realize that was really his name.

My sister and I were talking about this yesterday. Didn't Sarah Ferguson keep her last name? I know she was the Duchess of York, but everyone always called her Fergie(I guess they still do!) her last name wasn't York. I was so confused. Then I thought, whatever. Like I'm ever going to meet him? And have to call him by his last name? Hahaha.