Doc appt tomorrow!

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Doc appt tomorrow!

Pray for me please! I'm nervous. I don't know why? I'm excited too! I'm ready to get the ball rolling! Thanks for the support everyone!

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I hope it goes well and that you are on your way to a quick BFP!!!

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Good luck! Can't wait to hear how it goes!

Btw, I asked my doctor about Femara and he said it's prescribed by a fertility specialist and he doesn't know about much about it. So...not an option until I get a referral to fertility clinic.

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Sending you huge T & P's - can't wait to see that BFP!!! Smile

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Keep us posted when you can. GL today!!!

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Good Luck Honey! Let us know how it goes. I'll be thinking of you!

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Good luck hun!!!!

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How did everything go? Any direction or tests??