Doc finally called this morning!

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Doc finally called this morning!

I am ovulating from my right side. Apparently there are 2 follicles on the right side and one on my left. The left side is too small. So I'm definitely going to O within the next 4 days. I'm to DTD every other day. She said tonight (CD13) and CD 15 & 17. Problem is I DTD yesterday on day 12, so I'm on an even schedule instead on odd days like she recommended. She said not to do it every day because that make the sperm quality bad and we want lots of good healthy swimmers. Would you wait until CD 15 to DTD again or would you just stay on CD12, 14, 16, 18 schedule? Anyway I'm totally excited that I'm going to O! Just wish I was DTD on the right days!! Arg!

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YAY!!!!!!!!! About the BD... I would say if your in the mood why not? Hope you get that BFP!!! Good Luck!!

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So exciting - catch that little eggy!!!! Smile

I'd do the deed tonight, to get onto the odd schedule she recommended (so what if there are a few less swimmers tonight..) the you'll be dead on for days 15 & 17.

GL and have fun!!!!

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YEAH!!!! What did you decide to do on the days? When we were trying, my doc didn't think that it really made a big difference in the "strength" of DH's swimmers. He told me to do it as often as possible, at least once a day. But DH was already tested and we knew that he had good swimmers, so maybe that was why.

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Great news!

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Yay! I hope you catch that eggy!

I'd follow Kirsten's advice-- it makes sense to me! Good luck!!!

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:goodluck: I so hope you catch that egg. It's an odd day! :pinksperm: :bluesperm: