Don't get blocked!! **PLEASE READ**

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Don't get blocked!! **PLEASE READ**

Hi everyone!

Since we updated the site back in 2008, we have urged members to be certain to update their home page profiles and insure that all the information is current. We continue to have a large number of accounts being blocked due to the new security and software that we have to abide by.

When your account bounces three emails from the site, the security automatically places a block on your account as we aren't allowed to "spam". (Likewise, if you receive an email from the site and flag it as spam vs. simply deleting. This WILL block your account.)

PLEASE don't let this happen to you! Go to the home page and make sure you are logged in. Next, click on "My Profile" (under your username), then "edit." Check that your email address is current and upload a profile pic there as well. (It can be the same as your avatar on the boards or something completely different.) Next click on the "Profile" tab on that page. Make sure that ALL fields marked with a red asterisk are filled in. Those are required fields. (It will accept initials even if you prefer.)

IF YOU FAIL TO FOLLOW THESE ACTIONS AT SOME POINT YOUR ACCOUNT WILL BE BLOCKED automatically by the security and software onsite.

We now have a number of new features available include your own personal "Member Page/Wall", "friending", and more. See this announcement for more details. Click to "Create My Member Page" while you are working in your profile!

~Missy (

P.S. If you have found that your account has already been blocked I'll be happy to help you. Just email me with the following information:

?Old Username and New Username (if you created one) -- indicate which you wish to keep (Either is fine. I'll make sure all of your stats are merged over.)

?Email address you want associated with your account.