Ear infections XP

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Ear infections XP

Ivy has had a couple infections that are just excruciating for everyone. I'm told that many kids grow out of them by about 2.5yo when their ear canals get big enough to drain properly and consistently.

But if you haven't tried it, take your LO to the chiropractor!

We were up all night with Ivy on Wednesday night, and she refused to take any tylenol ("NO!"). I took her to the chiropractor who did her "magic massage" of her neck, glands, and various pressure points... and Ivy fell asleep on the way home. She almost fell asleep while the chiropractor was dealing with her. That was yesterday afternoon at 2pm. Her ear didn't hurt at all last night or this morning. On top of that, she didn't need antibiotics for 10 days (and we don't have to remember to give them to her 4 times a day)!!!

Just thought I'd let you know.

10 years ago I would have said, "Yeah, right!" very skeptically.
5 years ago, I wouldn't have cared much.
2 years ago I never would have thought of it.
Now... well, if I have a problem, I go to the chiropractor - whatever it is!

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Glad you found some relief. I'm always amazed at what a good chiro can accomplish. Smile

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Me and my girls go once a Wk! He was how I started to think of an allergy causing Ems reflux! I call him magic hands lol dh isn't so found of the nickname!

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I LOVE our chiro!!! He actually showed us how to "adjust" the girls ears on a daily basis to help prevent infections. It's simple and worked WONDERS! And the if we did it wrong, it just did nothing, so there was no risk of hurting them. Ever since he showed us that, the only time they had an infection was when I got lazy and forgot to do it.

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I'm glad Ivy is doing better. I honestly would've never thought about a chiro!