Earthquake Emily's Birth Story :)

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Earthquake Emily's Birth Story :)

Fairly uneventful thank goodness Smile BIG change from last time!

DH and I woke up, showered, packed the last minute things for the hospital. We dropped DD1 off at daycare around 9am (when we were supposed to be at hospital...ooops!) and headed into the L/D to check in for scheduled section. When I got in the a/c was broken on the floor and they had fans everywhere! They said the part should be in soon, but if it wasn't ready by the time I got back from the OR they would put me in a room on the pediatric unit so we had air. In the meantime they had set up this CRAZY looking portable air unit...

They prepped me with my IV, monitors, paperwork and OR gear. Told us not to unpack just in case we had to move rooms. We waited a little over an hour and just tried to relax before the excitement started Smile

After a bit my nurse came and took us down, after a brief talk with my doc. He told me that I had actually entered pre-eclampsia now that they got my 24hr protein results back. They were already high the week before, but doubled in this last week of my pregnancy and it was no wonder I was feeling so awful. My bp had also still been high and so my c-sec would have been done right away even if I wasn't on the schedule. He apologized it all happened while he was on vacation but we were dealing with it now and everything should be fine. DH got dressed in his wonderful OR garb and we headed down!

We got down to OR and dh waited while I got my spinal. I was scared to death of this part and bear hugged the 300lb male nurse in front of me a shook like crazy. Overall, not too bad..until I laid down and bp dropped from 157/92 to 77/44. Bring on the dry heaves, dizzyness and general feeling of dying. Only lasted a few minutes, they pushed a whole bag of fluid and gave nausea meds. It stayed low during surgery, but not as scary low as that!

The surgery took about 90 min., the first 30 just removing scar tissue, then those wonderful baby cries came Smile and then like 50 min of stitching bc doc had a few residents in he was trying to teach at the same time. Finally got out and headed to Em and DH in recovery. I had the shakes terrible so they hit me with 6 shots of demeral btwn the OR and recovery to try and stop them. In the midst of the shakes comes an EARTHQUAKE! DE's first in fact! I didnt feel it personally bc of my own shakes, but the nurses and DH were going crazY!
They chkd Em out more since I couldnt hold her w my shakes.

And finally I felt comfortable enough to hold her Smile

DH went and got big sis after we were settled in our room (got to stay, they fixed the air!)

Instant love

My bp was great initially but the second night it went up higher then ever 178/99. After two hrs laying down it was 144/87. They want me to come in early next wk for bp chk again so Ill let you know how that goes.
Thanks for reading!!

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So glad it went better than last time! I hope the recovery is going better too!

Emily is so precious, makes me even more anxious to meet my little girl! And I love the pic with Gracie! I can't wait to see how Mason reacts when he meets his baby sister!

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Sorry I haven't been around Annie, but please know that I have been wishing you well from afar. Sorry to hear that your b.p. was so wonky - high and low. And, I am sorry that you had the shakes. I had the shakes after Jackson and my whole body started itching. It was crazy! Congrats on the BEAUTIFUL addition to your family and WTTW Emily! I love the pics of you holding the baby. They capture such a beautiful moment. It brings a tear to my eye . . . seriously. Love you sweets.

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CONGRATULATIONS!!!! I have been thinking of you all week while I was camping and had no access to the Internet. She is BEAUTIFUL! Glad that you had a much better experience this time and that the earthquake didn't hit you too hard. Congrats again! You have TWO beautiful daughters!

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Thanks girls Smile We are very lucky! This recovery has been easier, although today has been a little rough. We are actually in the middle of a hurricane at the moment and very lucky we still have power. The worst is yet to come and will hit in the next few hours as the eye passes over us in Delaware. A tornado just touched down about 2 miles down the road and has destroyed more then a dozen homes about 15 minutes from here. Very scary stuff, esp with a toddler, newborn and recovering from major surgery Sad This has been an eventful first week for miss Em between the earthquake and now this hurricane!

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She is so beautiful, Anne and Grace will be such a good big sister. Sorry you are having to deal with awful weather issues at the same time. Keep us posted with your bp. Mine was pretty crazy on and off for a few weeks after having M2. So glad Emily is here and doing well. Beautiful family you have there! Congratulations!!!

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Huge congratulations Anne! Try to enjoy every moment and not accomplish too much these days! Of course we would love lots of photos of your sweet family as time goes by.


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I'm glad everything went so well, Anne. Emily is adorable, and I love the picture with Gracie! Please stay on top of the BP issue. It can turn serious very quickly. Hope everything was okay through the end of the storm. Check in an let us know how you are when you feel up to it.

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I'm so glad things went so much smoother this time..........well besides the earthquake and hurricane! LOL She is beautiful girlie and I love seeing pics of G with her. They are just too cute!!

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Congratulations, Mama! Your pictures are awesome! What a story to tell Emily about the earthquake! Glad to hear you guys are doing well.

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She is such a little doll - LOVE the picture just after she's born with the little pink hat, such beautiful big eyes for a newborn!! She's gonna be a looker mom!

Many many congratulations and welcome to the world, Miss Emily! Smile

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Anne she is beautiful! I Am so thankful that everything went well (makes me hopeful for mine--compared the my 1st section!!!)

I hope that you are adjusting well and that Gracie is too. How did she react? How soon after Emily was born did you introduce them? How is she at home?

Thanks for sharing all the pictures and the story!! I loved reading it and cannot wait to watch Emily grow! We will have both our kids w/in 3 weeks of each other I think!?!

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She is just beautiful -great job Mama! I've been keeping up with you on FB to, Gracie looks like such a good big sister Smile Makes me really want one!

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Beautiful!!! I'm so happy for you!